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Notes for Elmer Henry VAN GUNDY

Elmer and his family were high profile folks around Macon Co, IL and newspapers were filled with their activities. He was involved in various organizations (both political and fraternal) and sports (tennis, fishing and shooting) besides all the social events. Wife Ada and her daughter, Gladys, traveled a lot.

Some relatives said he had 2-3 other wives besides those listed here but to date none have been found.

Residences & events in his life:

1/27/1894 Under the headline "Sold a Big Farm" was the following item in the newspaper:

"Macon county treasurer Montgomery sold the Cochran farm which he recently purchased to Elmer Van Gundy for $70 an acre. The land is situated in Macon townshipand according to a technical description is known as the southeast quarter and the east half of the northeast quarter of 23, 15, 2 east. In all it embraces 240 acres and the total purchase price was $16,800. The purchaser is a son of John VanGundy who lives on Church street. Mr. Montgomery recently bought the land for the same figure named in the deed, trading certain property he held. It is said the land is as fine as any in the county."

6/9/1894 Again in the law column of the news: "Elmer H Van Gundy vs. L. C. Britton and S. M. Britton; assumpsit; Leave to withdraw pleas. Default Court assesses damages at $288. Judgement"

The 9/13/1894 Decatur Weekly Republican newspaper carried the following under events at the Macon Co Fair:

"E H Vangundy, of Macon, took second (for best suckling mare mule)."

9/1898 During the Macon Co Fair, Elmer won 2nd place for the best suckling mare colt.

4/13/1896 He was pallbearer for a Mrs George Traughber's funeral at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Mt Zion, IL.

6/4/1900 South Macon, Macon Co, IL. At census time Elmer, 35, lived with the family of brother John. Both he and John were grain buyers.

5/12/1903 Both Elmer and brother John, as members os the Macon Commercial Club, were honorary pallbearers at the funeral of a Mr Baird who was killed in TX after falling at an oil rig. The body was shipped back home.

1/8/1904 "E. H. Van Gundy is visiting in New Orleans."

2/16/1904 According to the Decatur Herald "Elmer Van Gundy and Tom Stoner have returned from a trip Texas and Louisana."

4/1904 He was chosen to be a delegate, representing South Macon precinct, at the congressional convention.

9/22/1905 Apparently Elmer went on a fishing trip to Colorado as the newspaper reported some of the party had returned home but "Weeden C Smith, Tom Stoner, and Elmer VanGundy remained there to try their luck a little longer.",

1908 He and John attended the funeral of their Uncle Adam Van Gundy in Bluffs, IL.

11/7/1909 Apparently Elmer and brother John had a disagreement of some kind as the newspaper on that date reported "The case of E H Van Gundy vs J D Van Gundy was dismissed."

9/26/1912 "Elmer VanGundy of Decatur, spent several days last week with John VanGundy and family."

1913-1914 Moultrie Co, IL. Elmer bought several pieces of land, some from a sheriff's sale and one plot by quit claim deed from brother and sister-in-law, DW and Laura, for $1.00.

10/1917 He sued brother, DW, and his wife for $2182.66 and won. Details were not provided but it seems he may have loaned them the money to buy land from her brother, Chenny Neaves, but neither paid for the land in full nor reimbursed Elmer for the loan.

2/21/1921 In a full page ad for an upcoming auto show, the Cadillac company listed their "Decatur territory clientele" which included Elmer, so apparently he owned a Cadillac.

6/1921 He and 2 friends spent 2 days fishing at Havana, IL, returning with "sixty nice black bass."

6/1922 Assessment valuations for Elmer's property totaled $633, which was half of the total value:

Milam Twp, $120 and $180
S Macon Twp, $333

He was the only Van Gundy listed anywhere in the county, even Decatur. Where were they?

7/1924 Decatur was his address when he visited Casner, IL, according to the paper. His reason for visiting was unnamed.

12/1926 Opdyke, Jefferson Co, IL. Why and when Elmer and Ada moved there is unknown but that was her address when she made arrangements for Carl Stickle's funeral. Could it have been Opdyke, TX, perhaps while away visiting Gladys' family?

5/29/1927 445 W Prairie Ave was their address when they and Gladys went to visit Ada's ill mother in Mt Vernon, IL, soon after returning from the Kentucky derby.

9/11/1927 127 Woodlawn Ave. Interestingly enough, their activites were reported in the newspaper except for housing changes. Gladys was visiting, on her way to NY to "pass the fall".

12/1927 Gladys and family were home for the holidays.

12/16/1928 According to the Decatur Review "Mr. and Mrs. VanGundy, 127 Woodlawn avenue, are leaving Monday for the sourth where they will visit the latter's daughter, Mrs. Neil Allen, in Brownsville, Texas in her recently completed new home. After a visit in Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Van Gundy will go to California for the remainder of the winter months. Part of the time will be passed with Mr. Van Gundy's brother in Long Beach. A picture of Mrs. E H Van Gundy accompanied the article.

10/1930 Still on Woodlawn when Gladys and family came from TX for another visit, planning to stay a couple of weeks but ended up staying 3 weeks.

127 N Woodlawn, Decatur, IL. A photo of his wife appeared in the newspaper with the caption: "Mr and Mrs E.H. Van Gundy left a week ago to pass Christmas in Brownsville, Tex, with their dauther, Mrs. Neil Allen. They will then go to Long Beach, Cal, for the rest of the winter." They probably either stayed with or near his brother, James, who lived there.

7/12/1931 Elmer's niece, Florence Van Gundy, from Long Beach, CA, came to visit them on Woodlawn St.

3/1941 Miami, FL. He and brother, John, were living there when DW died.

1941 Topeka, KS. His tenure there is not known.

Decatur, IL, was his residence at the time of his death.

The 1900 census says Elmer was born in November.

His death was the result of an auto accident which occurred as he and
his driver were enroute to play the stock market, as was his daily
morning routine, when another driver ran a stop light, hitting them

He left over $1 million in his estate, including 250,000 acres in
Florida. He owned 2 homes, one in FL and one in Decatur, IL. The
estate was split among 64 living relatives but the McCaleb branch
wanted to keep the family farm intact, so they bought out other family
members at $1000 each.

His nephew, Clarence W Van Gundy, was administrator of his estate.

Elmer and his first wife were buried with his parents.

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