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Notes for Enoch Berry PURVIS

Enoch was named for his Grandfather Berry.

He was a farmer and brick mason.

Residences & events in his life:

5/3/1859 Enoch was appointed guardian of a Mary E Purvis (relationship unknown).

8/20/1860 T14 R6E, PO Sullivan, Moultrie Co, IL. At census time and having lost the first wife, he had remarried, to the younger sister. He was 27, Mary, 16. Living with them was john Purvis, 30, laborer.

8/19/1862 Enoch enlisted to fight the Civil War with Co C of 126th Reg, IL Volunteers. When he left he entrusted his property and family to the care of his father. During his term of service he suffered much of the time from various ailments, as did most of the troops.

His activities were recorded in letters among the McPheeters family:

11/1862 "anything you wish to send me such as sockes etc can be sent by Lieut Powell or Enoch Purvis who are both at home on sick furlough."

12/3/1862, from Camp Lagrange, TN: "Enoch Purvis joined us yesterday. we were all glad to see him, had heard time finding us, went to Memphis, expecting we were there. had to come back to Columbus, KY. came around by rail road to this place (Lagrange, TN). Capt Smyser has reduced Enoch to the ranks. him and Capt. had quite a round about it this morning. Capt said the Col did it. Enoch went to the Col, asked him if he had reduced him. Col said your Capt requested me to reduce you, said you was incompetent to fill the office. Col sent for Cap. when Capt came Enoch told him that Col told him that Capt recomended his removal. Capt denied it. Col sent for Adjutant, asked him about it. Adjutant sided with Col. Capt still denied it. Col said Capt it is no used for you to deny it any more, said he, I never have reduced an officer without it being recomended by his superior officer. here it ended for the present. Smyser has appointed a fellow as sargent in Enoch place that is as roten as he is himself."

1/5/1863, letter from Enoch at home to fellow soldiers: "when we commenced fighting I was siting on the left side of the train eating my dinner. I could do nothing where I was and could hear no order given until I heard them hollow to jump off. well I supposed they were going to get off to fight and in jumping off I broke my foot and badly injured my back and as soon as I got up the cars started back. then I thought I would get on the cars to keep from being taken prisoner. Then when you all started back you saw me left and heard the captain tell me to stay there. I was left all alone. I crawled into that old stockade and by the time you was out of sight two thousand rebels came up behind you and took my fort and me in it." (12/1/2003-from Richard Holt, Lakeland, FL: "I am researching Civil War related activity and engagements in Gibson Co., TN and this letter refers to an engagement that occurred along the Mobile & Ohio Railroad near Humboldt, TN.")

/7/1863 "Purvis and Stewart are both at home, paroled prisoners.....Purvis will return (to his own unit) as soon as exchanged."

3/4/1863 "What is Enoch Purvis doing. Col has ordered him to report to his Co. without delay."

4/5/1863 "Enoch Purvis was at St. Louis the last account. He has wrote for his wife to come and visit him. I suppose she will start in a few days. Why is he not ordered back to his Company."

4/9/1863 "general that Enoch Purvis has come to the conclusion that he is going to share a deserters fate. He has sent for his wife to come and see him. That looks very suspicious for it hasent been but about six weeks since he left here."

5/1/1863 "Enoch Purvis is still at St. Louis his wife is there with him. Intends staying there until Enoch leaves there."

5/30/1863 "Ike Harness is going to buy the place that Enoch Purvis lived on when he enlisted." (Ike was Enoch's brother-in-law.)

6/4/1863 "I am told that Enoch Purvis will not be able to march in consequent of the injury to his foot at or near Humboldt (TN), and is placed in the invalid corps, which is composed of all soldiers who are unable to travel, but are able to perform duty in forts."

6/4/1863 "Ike Harness has bought of Squire Purvis the place Enoch Purvis was living on when he volunteered, and will move on it in a few days. It was rented to Mr. Philips....Ike bought out his time this morning."

9/6/1863 "I am told that Enoch Purvis has not yet received his descriptive roll. I wonder if it was sent to him? He is now at home on furlough."

11/1/1863 "Enoch Purvis is in the I.C. is at Columbus Ohio."

11/28/1863 "I received a letter from E.B. Purvis a few days ago. he is in the 15th Regt. I.C. Co. They are stationed at Camp Chase, Ohio. Enoch says he was put in the I.C. by reason of deseas of the heart."

Enoch is back with us.

12/19/1863 at Camp Douglas, Chicago: "I had a long talk with E.B. Purvis today, he looks well, & is doing well, has his Family with him."

1/31/1864 "(Your) brother, Addison "stoped in Chicago a few hours, called on Enoch Purvis. He and his wife are still in Chicago guarding prisoners. his wife is performing the duties of a company Laundress."

4/4/1864 "I received an order from the War Depart. last week ordering me to prefer charges against E.B. Purvis and have him tried by a General Court Marshal for desertion. I am looking for Enoch on every boat that landes. Letters came in our mail to day directed to him. Capt Smyser did it all he reported him on all our muster rolls as a deserter, refused to send Enoch his descriptive roll when ordered so to do. Smyser wrote to Enochs Co and Regimental Commander, stated to both that he was a deserter and asked that he be arrested and sent back to his Reg for trial. The case was refered to the War Dept. and Enoch was transfered to his Reg and Co for trial. I have no fears at all as to the result of Enochs trial as Smyser is out of the way. I can in the position I now occupy do a great deal for Enoch. I shall use every effort in my power to have him honerebly acquited and restored to pay and duty."

7/19/1864 "I saw on last evening a letter from E.B. Purvis of the 8th Inst to his friends here. He says that when he arrived at Cincinnati on his way to his regiment, that he was arrested and taken to Vicksburgh, and on the 26th April was placed in prison, and is there yet in confinement. He thinks he is bneing very badly treated-is quite unwell-can not get such provision as he can eat, and has not received a single letter since he has been confined, and of course knows nothin of you or any of his friends here.....He knows of no charge against him except the old one mady by Smyser, of desertion, which he is anxious to have investigated. He says you and your Colonel have both, as he learns, sent orders for his return to his regiment, but the Provost Marshall refuses to let him go. He is very anxious to be releaved."

7/27/1864 "Squire Purvis has gone to Vicksburgh to see Enoch."

Rankin McPheeters, now Capt McPheeters, was able to help Enoch and he was eventually cleared of all charges.

10/17/1864 "Enoch Purvis is hearty and well, and enjoyes himself finely. Enoch is one of the most careless & knowing soldiers that I have yet come across, he is not willing to take advice from any one. In fact he knows entirely to much for an American soldier."

12/30/1864 "Enoch is fleshier than I ever saw him and is tickled about the news from home."

2/17/1865 "Purvis has been complaining for a week past but is again on duty."

4/1/1865, "Purvis has played out again. I have sent him up the river to some Genl Hos(pital)-do not know where he will be stopped at. Would not be much surprised to hear of him at home in 10 days. he is perfectly worthless as a soldier. I have done all I could to help him retrieve his character, but he may now go to the dogs if he chooses. I shall give myself no more trouble about him."

5/22/1865 He was discharged from the service with the rank of Sgt.

4/7/1866 Enoch petitioned for the township and paid a school tax on his property at T13 R6.

1870 Where was the family at census time?

12/31/1870 He closed the year by buying 40 acres of railroad land located at S8 T13N for $8.00/acre.

9/2/1871 He paid a school tax for the same property as before.

7/1873 Chariton Co, MO. Feeling the westward ho fever, he moved.

9/1874 Moultrie Co, IL. Returning home he turned to farming again.

1875 E Nelson Twp, Moultrie Co, IL. He was listed in the atlas among the 1021 residents of the township as a land owner but was probably still living in MO. Son Enoch was born there 1/1877.

10/1877 Cherokee Co, KS. Still having the itch, he tried going west again.

4/1880 Moultrie Co, IL. Back home again.

6/2/1880 Moultrie Co, IL. Apparently learning the trade from his father, Enoch, 46, was listed as a brick mason in the census. Wife Mary was 46 and in the family were Malden, 15, Carry, 9, Milla, 7, and Enoch A, 2. They lived between his father and the elder Addison McPheeters.

1883 Germantown, NE. Setting out again, he moved with brother, Ephraim and John, that time.

1/16/1885 Germantown, Seward Co, NE. He was listed in the state census as E.B, 51, with Mary, 41, and children M.E., 20, Cary, 13, Milly, 12, Arthur, 7, and Jane, 2. Living with them was an Ann Medn, housekeeper from Prussia and Berry Angerston, boarder from Italy. Brother Ephraim was counted in Pct G while brother John lived in Pct H.

9/8/1887 Germantown. Enoch testified from there in the matter of Evaline Powell's application for a widow's pension.

6/11/1900 City of Leavenworth , Leavenworth Co, KS. That census recorded Enoch at age 66, married 43 years to Mary P, 46, who had birthed 6 children, all still livng. Still at home were Enoch A, 21, Jane, 17, and Josephine G, 15. Enoch's occupation was "Veteranary surgeon," son Enoch was a printer pressman.

The 1900 census says Enoch was born 6/1833.

There may be a burial discrepancy and this may not be the Enoch Purvis who was buried there. If he died in KS, was he shipped back home to be interred? Cemetery records state recorded only that Enoch "N" Purvis, Sgt Co C 126th ILL Inf, was buried, no dates given. It is the correct service info but wrong middle initial.

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