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Notes for John Ginn PURVIS

Some family histories do no include Aaron and Rachel in this family.

Residences & events:

7/20 - 8/27/1827 Sangamon Co, IL. John served in Capt Thompson's Co of Col Neale's detachment of IL Mounted Riflemen in the Winnebago Indian War along with brother, Isaac.

1829 Shelby Co, IL, where he made a claim for land.

3/1830 Sugar Creek Dist, Sangamon Co, IL. John along with brothers, Isaac and James, signed a petition requesting that a John Durley be appointed to fill the vacancy of Constable.

4/1/1830 E Nelson Twp, Shelby Co, IL. He and brother, James, arrived at the "Mill Seat" at the bend of the (Okaw) river and, according to the county history, "built a small cabin in section 7 where George Purvis still resides. They broke the first prairie in that township." Their father joined them there the following month.

1830 Was he living with his newly arrived parents at census time?

John served on the first petit jury with John Ginn and with brother, George, on the second jury.

Abt 1833 The brothers (John and James) built a mill which they operated until it was washed away in the 1840s when the river changed course, cutting through the area where they had diverted the water to the mill.

10/31/1836 John bought 40 acres of federal land in Moultrie Co at S17 T13N for 1.25/acre but his residence was still Shelby Co at that time.

11/1/1836 The next day he bought another 40 acres of federal land, this time in Sangamon Co at S20 T13N, again at $1.25/acre.

1837 E Nelson, Shelby Co, IL. Not being able to secure title to the current village property, John, along with Jonathan Dazey and Dr Montague, was instrumental in laying out a 40 acre tract of land 1/2 mile east, located at W1/2SE gr 17.13 N R6E. They divided it into 60x92' lots and blocks with 24' wide alleys and called it East Nelson. All the old buildings were moved into the new village and new businesses were added.

1837 E Nelson. He was in the land business, along with his in-laws, James and Sarah Poor, granting indentures in town to: 1.) David Smith for 2 lots, Lot 3 Block 11 for $8.00 and Lot 3 Block 8, also for $8.00; 2.) James Kirk for an unspecified lot for $4.00; 3.) Samuel Martin for Lot 4 in Block 11 for $20.00.

Shelby Co, IL. From the parties at law:
Richmond Webb Plaintiff against Philip Vadikin defendant action on acpt.
8/7/1837 Sums issued I Walker one Subpoena Purvis and poor $2.00
8/18/1837 Returned at Nelson Judgment for Deft, for cost
Justice cost 81 1/4
Constable 56 1/4
WG Haydon JP

8/10/1838 Shelby Co, IL. Land records verify John's patent on his first real estate in the county. On the same date, brothers, George, William, and Thomas, also bought property.

1/18/1839 From the parties at law, John was sued by a Philip Vadacan. He lost the suit and was ordered to pay $25.00, which he did.

2/1839 Apparently John borrowed money from John Whitley, Sr, often. He was sued by Elisha Whitley, administrator of John Whitley's estate, for several notes owed the estate. One for $125.75 which he borrowed along with John Whitley, Jr. The younger Whitley had already left the state, leaving Purvis holding the bag. Purvis paid his half and the balance was later dropped. Another was for $11 along with a Peter Warren, who also "could not be found." A credit of $7.00 was ordered by the plaintiff and the balance was stayed. A third was solely in John's name for $140.47.

Also in 1839 there were 2 circuit court cases of the People vs John G Purvis for gaming.

1840 Shelby Co, IL. He and his wife had only 1 child, who was under 5 years of age, living in their house at census time. John was 30-40 and his wife was 20-30.

1/31/1843 Shelby Co, IL. He and several brothers were listed in probate records as purchasers from the estate of Samuel Martin.

1843 Moultrie Co, IL. The former county split with John finding his residence was part of the new one. He served on the first petit jury called in the county.

1841-1843 Shelby Co, IL. John was included on the delinquent tax list for his 40 acres at NW SW S20 T13 R6, owing $0.72. Perhaps it was because he then lived in Moultrie Co.

8/24/1850 Moultrie Co, IL. John G Purvis, 47, was without occupation at census time but he did have $400 in real estate. He and Nancy, 37, had 5 children at that time: James, 10, John, 8, Thos, 6, Eliz, 4, and Ben E, 2. Nancy's relatives lived a few doors down the road.

Charitan Co, MO. Perhaps following his old friend, John Whitley, Jr, he moved west, too.

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