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Notes for Ulrich\Woolrick Sr COONROD

His name was originally Ulrich Kuhnrad but upon hearing the German pronunciation it is easy to understand how it evolved into Woolrick.

Residences & events:

Berne, Switzerland

1749 Rotterdam. The family began the migration. "The foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the ship isaac, Capt. Robert Mitchell, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes in England, did this day thake the Oaths to the Government. From the Palatine, by List 79.206 freights." Listed among the passengers were Hans Conrath, sick, Ully Kunrath and Hans Kunrad."

9/27/1749 Philadelphia, PA He and 78 others signed oaths to the government upon arrival. He settled on the North Banks of the Potomac River but remained there only a short while before moving on.

1757 Switcher's Run, WVA. He received a land grant of 50 acres.

1753 South Banks of the Potomac, Augusta Co, VA, now Pendleton Co, WVA. He was listed among Settlers before 1760 as arriving before or during the period of the Indian war.

3/19/1758 Raid on the Upper Tract settlement: "Peter Moser, who lived opposite the mouth of Mallow's Run, was shot dead while unloading corn at his crib. Nicholas, Frank and John Conrad were also killed, George Moser and Adam Harper were wounded and John Cunningham and two other persons were captured."

9/1758 He drew 16 shillings as payment for service in the Augusta Co militia.

12/16/1758 Augusta Co, Va. From court records: " Wolrick Conrad qualified admr. of Hance Conrad, being brother and heir-at-law."

1761 He received a second grant at Switcher's Run, this one for 240 acres.


From Augusta Co, VA court records:

Page 462.--29th May, 1761. Page 456.--29th May, 1761. Mary Wood, of Frederick, James and Moses Green, of Culpeper, to Joseph Skidmore, Jr., £50.15, on North Fork of South Branch of Potowmack, 203 acres, part of 660 acres patented to Robert Green, 25th June, 1747. Teste. Mathew Patton, Michael Prop. Same to Uldrick Conrod, £55.12, 278 acres at same place, part of 370 acres patented to Robert Green, 12th January, 1746. Delivered to same.

Page 75.--19th August. 1761. Daniel Smith's settlement of estate of Jacob Sivers approved--Paid Woolrick Conrod, Gabriel Kyle and others

5/18/1762 August Co, VA. His name appeared in a list of those who "produced a certificate of their having received the sacrament, and took the usual oaths to his majesty's person and government, subscribed the abjuration oath and test, which is ordered to be certified in order to their obtaining warrants of naturalization." Others receiving certificates of naturalization that same day were relatives of in-laws and cousins, Gabriel Kyle (Kile/Coil) and George Hammer.

Page 174.--13th May, 1762. Andrew Smith's will: to wife, Mary, 1 sermon book; to children, books. Teste: Henry Banniger, Woolrick Conrod, Valentine Gile (Coil). Proved, 18th August, 1762, by Conrod. Henry Penniger qualifies administrator c. t. a., with Woolrick Conrod, Sebastian Hover. Proved, 18th November, 1762, by Valentine Coil."

Page 263.--28th June, 1763. Walreck Conrad, planter, and Margaret (signed in German) to Samuel Morral, Jr., of Amherst Co., planter, £40, 240 acres on the Mountain between South Fork and South Branch of Potomac, on Switcher's branch, now in possession of said Samuel Morrall. Delivered: Samuel Morrall, 25th June, 1787."

Same year, South Branch of Potomac, Augusta Co, VA. A patent of 660 acres by Robert Green was sold to Conrad and Skidmore.

"At the mouth of Thorn Ulrich Conrad had built a mill in 1766 or very soon afterward....Gabriel Kile was well up the Black Thorn."

8/19/1767 He received cash from the settlement of Valentine Coil's estate.

1767-68 Woolrey, Conrad, Jacob and George "Gunrod" were listed in the Augusta Co Parish Vestry Book.

5/12/1770 He received a patent on 6 acres on Black Thorn Creek.

Page 491.--21st March, 1772. Recorded. George Dice's (estate) appraisement by Ulrunk (Alrunk?) Conrat, Jacob Freind.

Page 190.--2d August, 1773. Estate of Jacob Caplenger, of South Branch, appraised by Jacob Conrad, Jacob Friend, Wolrie Conrad.

Page 377.--3d and 4th August, 1773. George Caplinger's (of South Branch) estate sold at vendue--To Leonard Probst, Jacob Caplinger, Danl. Probst, Henry Caplinger, Catherine Caplinger, Elizabeth Caplinger, John Caplinger, Geo. Caplinger, Adam Caplinger, Michael Alkeir, Ulrick Conrad, Christian Pickle, Stovel Low, Valentine Post, John Skidmore; to Doctor
Neal, Chas. Bowers, Peter Caphart, Aron Skyhaw, Zachoriah Rexrode. Geo. Caplinger (2 crout tubs), Joseph Skidmore, Elizabeth Harbold, Jacob Rude, Jobb Velton, George Ganker, Thomas Willmott, Aron Vansye, Martin Coyle, Danl. Richardson, Danl. Hornbeck.

8/18/1775 Court records show he put in a claim for furnishing supplies to the soldiers in Dunmore's War of 1774 and also for those in the Revolution. The supplies were probably products of his mill.

3/19/1776 His name, as witness, was on the will of Jacob Conrad proved that date.

Page 462.--18th March, 1777. Ulrick Conrad, Sr., to Ulrick Conrad, Jr., his son, at mouth of Black Thorn on South Branch of Potowmack, 6 acres with mill seat thereon erected, patented to Ulrick 12th May, 1770.

1782-87 Wooldrick Conrod, Sr and Jr, and John Conrod were listed among county taxpayers.

7/17/1787 "Owley Conrad" Sr and Jr and 35 others were reported as refusing to give their taxes to the comissioner.

1789 This year he added 2 more plots of land through grants, both at Black Thorn. One was for 78 acres, the other for 450.

1790 Listed in the Tithables list of all males over age 16 were Ulrich Sr, Jacob, Ulrich Jr, and Adam and George.

1794 One final grant at Black Thorn gave him another 40 acres.

An interesting letter from the Frain Family Genealogy, by Joseph Richard Frain, on the web:

"I have a letter written in May 1917 by Oliver Coonrod in Washington, C.H. Ohio. Here it is -

About the year of 1742, they came to this country from Switzerland or Baden, Germany and settled in the North banks of the Potomac River in the State of Maryland. The family of this history had one son born about the time they arrived in this country. They called him Josephas. After living a short time in Maryland they went to the South bank and from thence they journeyed up to Moorefield on the South bank of the Potomac in what is now Hardy County, West Virginia. They continued to push their way up the South Branch of the Potomac until in 1758 they were in Pendleton at a place now called Fort Siebut. In May 1758, after they had planted their spring crop, the heads of the families joined together and went a long distance to a salt works to lay a supply of salt and other necessities for their families to last the year. Before leaving for the salt works, they built a block house. The house was made by joining one house with another. There were about forty women and children left in the fort while the men went to the salt works. Among those in the house were five Coonrods; mother, two sons and two daughters. After the men had been gone for some time, a band of Shawnee Indians from the West of the Ohio River crossed over the Allegheny Mountains, and attacked the fort. The Indians set a siege of the inmated fort. They sent a flag of truce and said "if you will surrender we will spare you. If not all will be killed". To shorten a long story, when the Indians were let in a massacre ensued. The chief tried to keep his word and protected some of the women and children. The Coonrod women and children were spared but were taken away. The baby boy was killed during the trip to Illinois. Josephus got away. After 2 months he found his way home and found his father. Father and son followed the trail of the Indians and found that the mother had been turned over to the French at St. Genenever, Missouri. The father purchased his wife for $50. Mother, father and son returned to West Virginia. Josephas married and had a son named Felix. Felix's son was Adam Coonrod and Adam's son was Oliver. Oliver is the writer of the letter from which this history is taken. Oliver was from Circleville, Ohio."

And this from Rick Strickler at GenForum followed by a huge discussion with Rufus Cox questioning its veracity:

"It appears that the letter written by Oliver Coonrod is mistaken in its assertion that Josephus Coonrod was captured/escaped during/following the raid on Fort Seybert, Augusta Co., VA. The young man in question was James Dyer. The Roger Dyer Family Association published a book titled "The Dyer Settlement, The Fort Seybert Massacre", in 1937 which was reprinted in 1992 by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.

There was, in fact, a Coonrod family at Ft. Seybert. The book mentions that Woolrick (Ulrich) Coonrod was naturalized in 1762 as a resident of the South Fork in Augusta Co. It also mentions that before one could be naturalized they would have had to reside in the county for 7 years which would put Ulrich in the vicinity of the settlement in 1758 when the attack on the fort occurred.

This information on Ulrich is also consistent with the genealogy described by Don Coonrod. His post stated that Oliver's great grandfather was not Felix, but rather Ulrich, Jr. son of Ulrich, Sr. (tht Ulrich at Augusta Co.). This information comes from this book written by John Woolery Coonrod titled "Coonrod Family Genealogy."

I suspect that Oliver did not deliberately alter the story but rather that the story probably got embellished as it was handed down through the family."

Sons, John & Frederick, were co-executors of his estate.

A will from Pendleton Co, VA and dated 1802 has been attributed to this Woolrich which named only 2 children, Elizabeth Zumwalt and Ulrich Conrad Jr.

Which is correct?

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