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Notes for Ulrich\Woollery Jr COONROD

The name he carried into the new country was Ulrich Kuhnrad but it evolved into the Woolery Coonrod of his descendants. He was a Jr but following the death of his father, he assumed the Sr position.

He was a farmer and miller.

War records say he fought in the Indian Wars as well as the Revolutionary War.

Residences & events in his life:

1758 Fort Seybert, Pendleton Co, WV

Moorefield, Hardy Co, WV

1763 He joined the Revolutionary War efforts.

1766 Thorn River, Augusta Co, VA. He patented 6 acres at the mouth of the river.

From Augusta Co, VA Court records:

Page 462.--18th March, 1777. Ulrick Conrad, Sr., to Ulrick Conrad, Jr., his son, at mouth of Black Thorn on South Branch of Potowmack, 6 acres with mill seat thereon erected, patented to Ulrick (Sr) 12th May, 1770. (The mill property was later acquired by a General William McCoy, merchant of Franklin, who also purchased the Peninger and Conrad estates which extended from Franklin to the mouth of the Thorn.)

5/18/1778 "James Trimble's executors (John, Isaac and James Trimble), of Rockbridge County, to Woolderick Conrod, Jr. Delivered: Jacob Conrod, son of Wooldruck Conrod, 23d May, ____, on South Branch of Potomac."

3/22/1780 "Commissioners reported following persons as refusing to swear to their taxable property: George Nicholas, John Flesher, Wolrick Conrad, Jr., John Snider, Nicholas Simmon, Peter Smith, Barten Smith, Jonathan Buffington, Benj. Abett, Charles Fomelson, Wm. Hamilton, James Lackey, Joseph Fonelson and John Lacky--all to be prosecuted."

11/1780 "Commonwealth vs Woobeck Conrad, Jr - 19th April, 1780. Not executed for fear of the Tories."

1790 Augusta Co, VA. He and sons, Jacob, Adam and George were listed in the Tithables list of all males over age 16 along with his father. Jacob was living at home.

7/1792 He bought 180 acres from Hugh and Esther Botkins for 165 pounds.

1793 Ulrick and Elizabeth and Adam and Abigail sold land to John Fisher for $100. The land was described as 150 acres adjoining Coonrod's other land, patented 3/25/1789 to Ulrich, who conveyed half the land to Adam.

Following the death of his father, Ulrich continued to live on the family farm.

9/1806 He and Elizabeth sold the homestead for L1,200, in preparation for joining son, George, in Ohio.

7/16/1807 Walnut Creek Twp, Pickaway Co, OH.

1810 Pickaway Co, OH. Wollery & son, Adam, were the only Coonrods who owned property in that county. Woolery owned 500 acres, originally entered as Dry Run, with a tax of $5.00 and another 390 acres on the Scioto River with $4.87.5 tax due.

A message from Rufus Cox at says: "I have found part of a document dated June 1812 and it is from Pickaway Co. OH. This document mentions a lawsuit filed by John S Wills against Ulrick Coonrod for the use of a John Carlisle. The Pickaway County Sheriff is ordered to take Ulrick Coonrod into custody. I have heard that a large portion of this Ulrick Coonrod's estate was lost in this lawsuit; can anyone help me out with any other section from this document ?"

Woolery's will, dated 2/15/1814, stated:

"In the name of God, Amen, I Woollery Coonrad, Senior of Pickaway County, Ohio, being weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God, therefor, but all knowing that is appointed for all men once to die, do make this as I for my last will and testament, revoking all and every other will and testament by me made as intended to be made in any manner whatsoever, first I will all my estate, real and personal with all and every of the appointments thereon belonging that I may die seized of, to my son Henry Coonrod, subject to the following bequeaths, that is to say I will and bequeath unto my grand daughter, Babary Coonrod, daughter of my son Peter Coonrad, deceased, the sum of one thousand dollars to be paid to her at the age of eighteen years old, to be paid to her in land at such place as my son Henry Coonrod kin buy for her at its real value, but if my grand daughter Barbary should die without a lawful issue then in that case the thousand dollars to her willed shall be divided among my sons John Coonrod, Jacob Coonrod, Adam Coonrod, George Coonrod, Woollery Coonrod and Henry Coonrod and among my daughters Barbara Harpool, Elizabeth Morrel and Catherine Lawther, to be paid to them by my son Henry Coonrod in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight, to be paid to them or their heirs in property at the ( page torn)....grand daughter does not marry, or has not a lawful spouse till her death therdly I will my daughter in law Elizabeth Coonrod wife of my son Peter Coonrod the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to her in the following form one hundred dollars to be paid to her in property within four years after my decease and one hundred dollars within five years after my decease, lastly I nominate construct, and appoint Henry Coonrod my son the sole executor of this my last will and testament hereby, disallowing and disclaiming all or any former wills testaments or bequests, of any kind, by me heretofore in any wise made or intended to be, thereby ratifying and confirming this and no there, as and for my last will and Testament."

He signed by a mark and witnesses were James Casler and John Ruck.

1817 Final settlement of his estate was not made until that year.

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