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Notes for Thomas AP HOWELL (POWELL)

Monica Hague wrote:

"Re. for THOMAS POWELL, in Per. Ct. of Canterbury, (Eng) names him as brother of sd. Nath'l Powell."

Thomas was a frequent traveler between England and America before finally deciding to stay here for awhile, perhaps having to dispose of property at home first.

And Henry Powell said:

"I don't have any problem with Thomas ap Howell b. ca 1550 at Castle Madoc. He had several sons and most wound up in the Virginia, along with some of his grandsons. Thomas and John of Old Rappahannock County were possibly his grandsons or great-grandsons, and Walter of Somerset Co., MD was probably a grandson. Between those points I just am not sure who went where and when.

One interesting twist is that one of the Castle Madoc Powells (maybe a William) moved to Suffolk (England) at the end of the 1400s at the invitation of Henry VII to take over a Norman manor of their choice. This was his way to repay the services of his Welsh supporters who helped him win the crown. William chose a nice piece of land near Eye and moved in, naming the site Howellton. The land owner sued him for trespass but the suit was never brought to court (The Royal way to get around the law). You'll find William and Howellton in Burkes Landed Gentry. His descendents certainly played a role in the settlement of the American colonies but I certainly am not clear on which ones and where and when. Perhaps Nathaniel (GOV. of VA in 1619) was one of this clan?
I'll post more on Thomas ap Howell when I can get into the filing crate and get it better organized. And a photo of Castle Madoc too (from my 1996 trip to Wales)."

Residences & events in Thomas' life:

1618 VA. There were 2 passenger lists with Thomas Powell, both arriving in 1618. One said Thomas Powlett, age 40 was aboard the Samson, the other said Thomas Powell was on the Neptune. Whichever, he apparently returned to England within a short time.

1621 VA. Thomas arrived again, this time sailing on the Seafloure (Seaflower).

Hogg Island, VA. Thomas sailed in again, landing at this port, and among the passengers was a William Hitchcocke. The name of the ship unspecified.

Virginia Census, 1607-1890:

Name: Thomas Powell
State: VA
County: Hogg Island
Township: Virginia Pioneer
Year: 1624
Database: VA Early Census Index

Date and port unspecified for this arrival but accompanying him was Gody Powell, his wife. On this trip was a Thomas Hitchcocke.

2/16/1623-4 Thomas and Gody's names were listed among the settlers living at "the Eastern Shore" in VA and listed again at the same place in "Living In VA."

There was another Thomas Powell listed at Hogg Island, same date.

1625 Hog Island, VA. Was it this Thomas whose name appears in the Muster taken after the 1622 Massacre by Powhattan Indians of colonists, Gov Nathaniel Powell among them? There Thomas was listed as a servant of Capt Ralph Hamor then living at Hog Island and names the ship he came over in. Hog Island, lying across the river and settled about 1607-8, was close enough to Jamestown for colonists to use signal fires as a means of communication.

6/10/1637 Upper Norfolk Co, VA. Thomas patented 100 acres on the south side of the Nansemond River "50a. for his own and 50a. for the personal adv(enture) of a servt." (Robert Floyd) On the same day he patented another 200 acres "1 mi. from plantation of sd Powell," which infers he had already settled there. This was about 40 miles from the previous address, settlements around the Nansemond River being later than those closer to Jamestown.

1640 John Geary patented 200 acres in the same county "between land late in possession of Mr. Thomas Dew and by him assigned to Thomas Davis, and land now in the possession of Thomas Powell."

1657 Nansemond Co, VA. Francis Hutchins patented 200 acres at the head of Beaver Dam Creek, being a branch of the west branch of Nansemond River, beginning at mile's end of William Storie's land and adjoining the land of Mr. John Garrett and Thomas Powell.

1680 Thomas gave his son, William, "the tract of land on Beaver Dan whereon he lived."

1686 Isle of Wight Co, VA. Francis Hutchins and wife, Mary, of the lower Parish, conveyed 100 acres of land, which by change of county lines now lay in Isle of Wight, to Thomas English, described as lying on the Western Branch adjoining Thomas Gale and Thomas Powell.

Was he the Thomas Powell that arrived in America at age 40 as notes say? It is doubtful he was 108 at death.

His will, dated 7/12/1683 and recorded 2/9/1687, said:

"In the name of God, Amen, the 12th day of July in the year of our Lord 1683, according to the computation of the Church of England. I, Thomas Powell of the Isle of Wight County being of perfect memory and remembrance, praised be God, doe make and ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in maner and form following:

First, I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God, my Maker, hoping that through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ, my only Savior and Redemer, to receive free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins, and as for my body to be buried in christian buriall (at the discretion buriall) at the discretion of my executor, hereafter mentioned.

Item I doe give and bequeath the one-half of my land which I now enjoy and assine unto Thomas Powell: Nathaniell Powell: William Powell and John Powell to be equally divided amongst them after my decease, and I doe by these presents oblidge them and their heirs that they shall not make sale of any part or parcell of the said land to any person whatsoever unlesse it be from the one to the other.

Item I doe give and bequeath all the rest of my lands unto my sonne William Powell whome I have hereby constituted and ordained by executor: To him and his heirs forever. I doe give and bequeath to my sonne William Powell one brass ketle and flaske, bed and what clothinge belongethe unto it, as one lott of iron weight, one cross sawe, one tenant sawe, four augers, two small chissels, and one gouge.

Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my daughter in law Elizabeth Powell one cowe.

Item I doe give and bequeath unto my daughter in law Lucretia Corbett one cowe.

I doe give and bequeathe one cowe betweene Lucretia Powell and John Powell.

I doe bequeathe one heffer of two years ould betwene Rebecca Powell and Elizabeth Powell.

I give to Thomas Powell one pair of leather breeches and blew waistcoate.

I give to Nathaniell Powell one air of cloth breeches and a serge waistcoate.

Item I doe give unto my sone William Powell the rest of my wearinge clothes whom I doe appoint by these presents to executor this my Last Will and Testament, performed and accormplished.

I doe give unto Thomas Powell one iron pestle and his brother Nathaniell is to have the use of it as much as himselfe.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of Thomas Griffin The Mark of The mark of Thomas Powell Francis Hutchins
Proved by Francis Hutchins in open court held for the Isle of Wight County February the 9th 1687/8 to be the Will and Testament of Thomas Powell. Test. John Pitt, CC"

Isle of Wight Co., VA deed & will bk 2, 1661-1719, p 272-3.

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