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Notes for George Sr COONROD

From Augusta Co, VA court records:

(This entry may belong to an older George Coonrod: 1766--Supernumeraries: Thos. Shanklin, 1; John Deniston, 2; James Bruister, 1; Perunia Regen, 1; John Taylor, 1; Chas. Powers, 1; Aaron Hughs, 1; Martin Shoemaker, 1; Thomas Gordon, 2; John Barley, 1; Philip Crites, 1; Geo. Conrod, 1, etc."

12/21/1813 "Hamilton (George) vs. Depoy--O. S. 307; N. S. 109--Deed, by John Dippo (Dopoy) and wife Mary, of Rockingham to George Hamilton, 150 acres in Rockingham, part of two original tracts; 36 acres, part of 182 acres conveyed by Ann Tallman to Benj. Tallman by deed 25th April, 1796, which was part of 59 acres inclusive, survey by patent to George Conrad, 11th December, 1780. 114 acres patented to John Needham, 3d August, 1771, and by his daughter Elenor, heir-at-law, conveyed to George Conrad by deed, 26th March, 1781, by him to Ann Tallman, by her to Benj. Tallman, 8th December, 1803, the 150 acres conveyed by Benj. to John Depoy, by deed, on Smith's Creek."

4/10/1818 "Monger vs. Conrad--O. S. 394; N. S. 144--Deed, by Michael Deck of Rockingham to George Conrad, 73 acres conveyed in trust 1812 by Martin Munger to Michael Deck to secure Mathias Long. Recorded in Rockingham, 21st April, 1818."

5/25/1821 "Deed, by Sarah Johnson to _____ Blosser, above 12 acres. No certificate of record. Deed, 2d January, 1822, by Sarah Johnson, of Augusta, to Daniel Mathews, of Rockingham; above 12 acres. Recorded in Rockingham, 9th May, 1822. Deed, 19th December, 1803, by Benjamin Tallman and wife, Dinah, of Rockingham, to John Depo; 150 acres, parts of two tracts; 36 acres in part of 182 acres, conveyed by Ann Tallman to Benjamin by deed 25th April, 1796, part of 290 acres conveyed by Joseph Conrad, son and heir of George Conrad, to Ann Tallman, 26th June, 1792; part of 590 acres patented to said George, 11th December, 1780, the remaining 114 acres are part of said 290 acres conveyed by said Joseph to Ann, and also of 45 acres conveyed by said Joseph to said Ann part of 75 acres, part of 144 acres patented to John Needham, 3d August, 1771, and by his daughter Eleanor, heiress-at-law, conveyed to said George, 26th March, 1781. The 144 acres conveyed to Benjamin, 8th December, 1803. Recorded in Rockingham, December, 1803. Deed, 25th August, 1783, by Zebulon Harrison and wife, Margaret, of Rockingham, to Benjamin Tallman, 165 acres on Smith's Creek. Recorded in Rockingham, 25th August, 1783."

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