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Notes for Joseph * VAN GUNDY

This Joseph & 2 others, also denoted by * in their names, have been extensively researched by the PA genealogy society.

The names of his children were supplied by Chancery Records but there are large gaps in birth dates of the first 3. Were there other children?

Residences & events in the life of Joseph Van Gundy:

1785 Northumberland Co, PA. He was assessed 5.0s in taxes for 300 acres as a non-resident of the county.

1786 Again as a non-resident his taxes for 200 acres was 3.4. Apparently the tax assessor missed 100 acres as the next year it was back to 300.

1787 Still a non-resident his 300 acres were assessed at 6.8.

1790 Buffalo Twp, Northumberland Co, PA. In the census, his household consisted of 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, and 2 females, some probably were relatives rather than his own children. Next door was Christian Vangunday.

6/28/1792 He warranteed 2 tracts of land, one of 125 acres, the other with 150.

3/1/1793 & 3/14/1793 He obtained warrants for 2 tracts of land containing 400 acres each. Under the name of Joseph Gundy, he conveyed one tract to his brother, John Gundy, by deed dated 5/25/1799, and the property was patented to John by the Commonwealth of PA, 5/30/1803. On 7/2/1804, this same tract was sold by John and his wife, Polly.

1798 The Federal Tax Assessment shows Joseph was owner of the above as well as another tract in White Deer Twp.

He got warrants for several other pieces of property in Northumberland but no records have been found to show he ever patented any of them. He had 408 acres warranted in W. Buffalo Twp but sold or assigned it to a Mr. Gray and Mr. Hayes.

10/28/1799 Ross Co, OH. On this date he gave a promissory note to Samuel Hornback but when he became delinquent on the note, Hornbeck sued him at the August court term, 1803.

The History of Ross Co, OH, Harrison Twp, contains the following:

"Mr. Corken was one of the census enumerators of 1800, and was well and favorably known in the early settlement of Harrison township. Thomas Hanks settled in the township in 1800 ; Joseph Van Gundy was a settler in 1801...."

10/10/1801 Chillicothe, Ross Co, OH. Apparently Joseph had taken a trip but returned home before his mail could catch up with him as on this date the newspaper carried a listing of letters left at the local post office, Joseph's name among them.

1804 & 1807 Ross Co, OH. Joseph received two land grants as recorded at the Chillicoth land office.

4/15/1805 Joseph entered the SW 1/4, Sect 11 Twp 8 Rg 21. Following the precident set in PA, he assigned the land to brother, John Van Gundy, who patented the land and with his wife, Polly, sold it in 1830 because they lived in Indiana by then.

Again from the local history:

The war of 1812 retarded immigration for a time, and also removed nearly every ablebodied man from the township.....Those enlisting with lower rank or as private soldiers were....Joseph Van Gundy.

1820 Springfield Twp, Ross Co, OH. Joseph's family that year consisted of 5 males under 10, 2 at 10-16, 2 age 16-26, Joseph was over 45, 1 female at 10-16, 2 were 16-26, and 1 at 26-45. Three people were engaged in agriculture. Five doors down was son Cornelius.

1830 Harrison Twp, Ross Co, OH. Joseph was recorded in the census at 60-70 years old with a family consisting of 2 males under 5, 2 at 10-15, 2 were 15-20, 1 female aged 5-10, 1 was 20-30, and his wife also 50-60.

1832 Crawford Co, OH. Joseph and wife Mary sold land there.

1840 Harrison Twp, Ross Co, OH. In the census that year Joseph lived between sons, Gabriel and Aaron, and down the road was son Peter as well as son-in-law, Peter Chester. Joseph was 70-80 years old and his family included 2 males aged 10-15, 1 female at 10-15, 1 at 15-20, and 1 aged 60-70.

Harrison Twp, Ross Co, OH. Although no records of purchases have been found, Joseph sold 5 acres of the property in the NE 1/4, Sect 20 Twp 9 Rg 20 to an Ira Ring, 3/4 acre to son, Peter, in 1847 and another part to son, Eli, in 1848. The rest was sold by his heirs after his death.

9/3/1850 Same place. At census time, Joseph, at age 83, was still a farmer w/property = $1940. Mary had apparently died as she was not listed but living with him was the family of son Jonathan. Son Peter lived next door and Ira Ring was on the other side.

He was 83 in the 1850 census, making his birth year 1767.

Son Eli, in the 1880 census, said his father was born in Holland.

No grave has ever been found for either Joseph or Mary.

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