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Notes for Salina VAN GUNDY

Salina and Alexander had 11 children.

From Vinton Co (OH) Courthouse:

-Application for Admission To Asylum, In the matter of the alledged insanity of Salina Graves in Probat Court. The State of Ohio , Vinton County office of the Probate Judge of said County. To W. P. (illedgble)? superintendent of asylum for the insane at Athens. The said Salina Graves having been, on the 3 day of May 1892 by the finding of the probate judge of said county,ajudged to be insane, and all the procedings by law to entitle herto such admission, application is hereby made that she admitted to the asylum for the insane at athens. In consequce of her insanity , she being at large is dangerous to the community. Witness my hand and official seal this 3 day of May 1892. E. Radcliff, Probate Judge.

Afidavit- State of Ohio, Vinton County, in the probate of said county, Inquest of lunacy upon Salina Graves alledged to be insane. WM Randall the undersigned, a citizen of Vinton County ,Ohio, being sworn, says that he belives she is insane being at large dangerous to the community. She has a legal settlement in Eagle Township in said County. dated this 3 day of May A.D. 1892. Wm Randall(sig) Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence the day above stated. (sig) E. Randall, Probate Judge

Physicians Certificate-The State of Ohio , Vinton County. I, (sig) Jno. E. Sylvester, Physician, resident of Elk Township, in said County,being duly sworn acccording to law, do hearby certify , that I have carefully examined Mrs. Salina Gravesand the patient is insane.
1. Name of patient, with christian name at length? Answer Mrs. Salina Graves
2. Sex, Age, Married, Sigle or widowed? Answer female, 55 years, widowed
3. Condition of life and previous occupation, if any? Answer housewife in fair circustances
4. Religious persuasion, so far as known? Answer Disciple "Campbellite"
5. Previous place of abode? Answer Eagle Twp.
6. Whether first attck? Answer Yes
7. Age(if known) on first attack? Answer 54
8. When and where previously under treatment? Answer at home
9. Duration of existing attck? answer about six months
10. Supposed cause? Answer the climactive two years ago and Lagrippe 13 weeks ago
11. Whether subject to Epilepsy? Answer No
12. Whether suicidal? Answer Yes, she jumped in the creek last week
13. Whether dangerous to others? Answer No
14. Facts or symptoms indicating insanity, observed by examing Physician? Answer A very melancholy manner and irrational ideas as to the cause of her condition
15. Physical causes? Answer poor health and the effects of Lagrippe
16. Moral causes? Answer None
17. Predisposing causes? Answer the influence of the climactive
18. Habits of patient? Answer Good
19. Habits of Parents? Answer Good
20. Heriditary or not? Answer Yes
21.Whether the patient is freeor not from infectious disease? Answer Yes

Witness my signature this 3 day of May A.D. 1892 (sig) Jno. E. Sylvester MD Physician

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