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Notes for Jacob Sr "Big Jake" ZUMWALT

He served in the Revolutionary War along with brothers, Adam and Christopher, under Capt John McCoy in the Virginia Militia.

This Jacob has been presumed to be the one living in Missouri who returned to KY to dispose of property and arrange the wedding of his daughter Susannah after the death of her mother, Catherine.

He was good friends of Daniel Boone and even discussed with him the pros and cons of the location of building site of his home.

His bio was found in A History of Pioneer Families in Missouri but the first part about his father was mistakenly applied to him:

"ZUMWALT.-- Jacob Zumwalt, of Germany, emigrated to America, and settled first in PA., where the town of Little York now stands. He purchased the land upon which the town was subsequently built, and erected a cabin upon it. Being afflicted with a cancer, he removed to VA., where he could obtain medical aid, and settled on the Potomac, not far from Georgetown. But he grew worse instead of better, and soon died. In the meantime, the deed to his land in PA. had been destroyed, and his children lost what would have been a princely fortune to them. This valuable paper was lost in a rather singular manner. One of the girls, while hunting about the house for a piece of pasteboard to stiffen her new sun-bonnet, found the deed, and, being unable to read, she supposed it was some useless piece of old paper, and used it in her bonnet. The deed had never been recorded, and therefore could not be restored, and the heirs to the property never succeeded in establishing their title. Mr. zumwalt was married twice. By his first wife he had Henry, George, Dolly and Lizzie, and by his second, he had Christopher, Jacob, John, Adam, Andrew and Catharine. Christopher and Jacob settled in St. Charles co. on Peruque creek, in 1796, and in 1798 Jacob built the first hewed log house that was ever erected on the north side of the Missouri river. It is still standing, on land owned by MR. D. HEALD, about one and a half miles northwest of O'Fallon Station, on the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Northern Railway. The house was used as a fort during the Indian war, and often as many as ten families found shelter within its walls at the same time. The first Methodist sacrament in Missouri was administered in this house, by REV. JESSE WALKER, in 1807. The wine was made by Mrs. Zunwalt and MRS. COL. DAVID BAILEY, from the juice of polk berries, sweetened with maple sugar; and for bread they used the crusts of corn bread."

Residences & events;

Licking Creek, Bourbon Co, KY On the westward move, the exact date of his arrival there is unknown.

abt 1796 St Charles Co, MO

1798 He built the first hewn-log house on the north side of the Missouri River. It was the standard home of the day, called a saddle-bag house, 4 rooms and a loft and 2 large stone chimneys for cooking and heating. It has been said the inside chimney still stands near O'Fallon, MO, just south of US Rte 40. A spring was located at the bottom of the hill below the house.

Later that structure became known as Ft Zumwalt and as many as 10 families took refuge there during the War of 1812. Before the war, Black Hawk was a frequent visitor of the Zumwalt family, some said he was in love with one of Jacob's daughters.

From Early Court Records of MO, 1805-1808:

1/1805 US vs Jacob Zumwalt for assault and battery. Defendant assaulted Daniel McCoy at Quivre. $500 security bond; defendant pleaded builty, fined $1.50 and $14.33 in costs; defendant also spelled "Zomwald," "Zumwald"

4/1806 Boert Baldridge vs Jacob Zumwalt for trespass on the case. Damages $40. Defendant also spelled "Zemault"

6/1808 Road petition. Petition for road from St Charles to la Charette wtih side roads to Femme Osage, Peruque, Cuivre Rivers. Petitioners Nathaniel Simonds, Thomas Howee, Jacob Zumwalt, James Callaway, 10 others.

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