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Notes for James Ferrell O'Neill DAILY

When and how he migrated to the US has yet to be determined but he probably came with his brothers.

James seldom used his entire name, saying it was cumbersome, and as a consequence, never gave more than one name to any of his children.

From GenForum:

DAILY, Farrell O’Neill or James Farrell O’Neill or O’Neal, Ferrel ~ Nancy McFadden
W8658, Continental, VA Extracted by Mary Lu Nelson Johnson

16 July 1793, Bounty Land Warrant #12445 issued to Ferrill O’Neil, Private in the artillery, Virginia line.

5 February 1819, Certificate of Pension issued for Farrell Oneil Daily of Washington County, Tennessee, private in regt commanded by Col. Harrison of the Virginia line, term of 4 years, Inscribed on the Roll of Tennessee, $8.00 per month, to commence 14 May 1818, sent to Hon. W. Rhea, House of Representatives, U.S.

Following summation of pension is more complete than documents on microfilm of this Revoutionary War Pensioner; have extracted documents in pension to review who signed which affidavit, however:

29 June 1939, letter from A. D. Hiller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator [Pension Office, Washington, D.C.] to Mr. B. J. Roan, Box 785, Chattanooga, Tennessee:
“The data contained herein were obtained from the papers on file in the Revolutionary War claim for pension, W.8658, based upon the military service of James Farrell O’Neill Daily in that war.

“James Farrell O’Neill Daily was born May 4, 1757, in Ireland, County of Caven, Parish of Molough, ‘Bareney’ of Castle Taghen, on the farm of Tantaven. He was the son of James Daily and his wife, Catrine, whose maiden name was Reily.

“James Farrell O’Neill Daily enlisted, place not given, in 1776, served as private in Captain Thomas West’s Company, Colonel Stevens’ Tenth Virginia Regiment and was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth; length of service three years. He reenlisted, served as sergeant and foragemaster in Captain Anthony Singleton’s Company, Colonel Charles Harrison’s First Regiment of Continental Artillery; was in the battle of Guilford where he was wounded in the left arm, a little below the shoulder, and he served to the close of the war.

“He moved from Smyth County, Virginia, to Greene County, Tennessee.

“He was allowed pension on his application executed May 14, 1818, at which time he was a resident of Greene County, Tennessee. He was a school teacher.

“He died April 20, 1820, on a farm near Stone Dam Camp Ground, six miles east of Greenville, Greene County, Tennessee, where he had lived.

“Soldier married April 23, 1789, in Camden District, Kershaw County, South Carolina, Nancy McFadden. She was born August 7, 1767 in Ireland, County of Monehan. She was the daughter of Patrick and his wife Ufeme(?), whose maiden name was Riddle. Said Ufeme(?) was born in County Down.

“Soldier’s widow, Nancy Daily, moved with her son Hiram to Carter County, Tennessee, and then to Smyth County, Virginia.

Soldier’s widow, Nancy Daily, applied for pension June 18, 1845, at which time she was a resident of Smyth County, Virginia. The claim was allowed.

“She died July 20, 1846, in Marion, Smyth County, Virginia.

“James Farrell O’Neill Daily and Nancy Daily had the following children: John, James, Hiram and Catherine or Katherine.

“Said John Daily married April 23, 1818, Polly Peters. Said James Daily, Jr., married January 8, 1818, Elizabeth Clinten. Said Hiram Daily married August 13, 1818, Elizabeth Cox.

“October 14, 1854, John Daily, was aged about sixty-four years and living in New Market, Jefferson County, Tennessee. He was a Justice of the Peace for Jefferson County, Tennessee for many years. He was a corpse on October 17, 1854, the exact day of his death not given. In 1851 Hiram Daily moved from Smyth County, Virginia, to West Liberty, Morgan County, Kentucky. In 1854 he was aged about fifty-seven years, and was then a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church South of the West Liberty District of Kentucky Conference. Soldier’s daughter, Catharine Daily, was aged about fifty-nine years, in 1854 and living in West Liberty, Kentucky.

“The following family item is shown ‘James the 4th of March 1792 on Sunday 9 o’clock in the morning”.

“Soldier’s grandson, John Fane, was born March 9, 1822, Saturday morning 5 o’clock. It is not shown of which son of the soldier he was the child.

“Soldier’s grandson, William C. Daily, of Greene County, Tennessee, was a traveling preacher, his age, and the names of his parents are not designated.

“In 1846 William G. Pruner was living in Marion, Virginia, and in 1854 he was residing in Morgan County, Kentucky. Shortly after the death of soldier’s widow, said Pruner married widow’s granddaughter, her name not designated.

“In 1857 Sam N. Fain was a resident of Dandridge, Tennessee, his age and relationship to the family not stated. There are no further family data. Very truly yours, A.D. Hiller”

Affidavits and Decloarations:
8 October 1818, State of Tennessee, Washington Co, declaration of Farrell Oneil Daily. Enlisted 1776 in Continental service in the Revolutionary War, company of Thomas West of the Tenth Regiment of the Virginia line commanded by Col Stephens of General Widens Brigade for three years. Re-enlisted in the first Regiment of Artillery commanded by Col. Charles Harrison in the Company of Capt. Anthony Singleton and continued to serve out the same and at the end of the war obtained Honorable discharge in the City of Richmond signed by Lewis Bro[smear]. Being very needy he sold his discharge, but a record may be at the War Office. Was in the fall of Brandywine ?Garrison and the Battle of Guilford in which he was wounded in the left arm and has never been able to use the same advantageously since.

Now a citizen of Green County, Tennessee. [Signed] Farrell O’Niell Daly
Wit: Tho Emmerson [Circuit Judge]

16 June 1845, Smyth Co, VA, statement of Nancy Daily, resident of county and statem aged 78. Stated she is the widow of James O’Neill Daily, and they were married 23 April 1789, and her husband died on the 20 April 1820. [Signed] Nancy ?A Daily
[NOTE: Signature is very shaky, hard to decipher]

Same date/doc, statement of Hiram Daily states the annexed memorandum was extracted from the family bible of his father, James O’Neil Daily, that he recollects having seen said memorandum as far back as the year 1812, that it is in the handwriting of his father except births of grandchildren, that the first entry was intended to be that of his father tho’ he sees that the surname is omitted; that the bible was in possession of his father until his death and has since been in this affiant’s possession. [Signed] Hiram Daily

James and Nancy McFadden was married Apl the 23 in the year 1789.
James Jun was married to Elizabeth Clinton the ?7th/9th of Jany 1810
John was married Apr the 23rd 1810 to Polly Peters.
Hiram was married August the 13th to Elizabeth P?erin the year 1810
[In 2nd marriage column is listed “Births of Grand Children”, with one entry]
Births of Grandchildren
John Fane was born March the 9th 1822 Saturday morning 5 oclock
James O’Neill Daily was born in Ireland County of Craven Parish of Molough Baroney of Castle Taghen on the farm of Tantaven in the year of our Lord 1757 his fathers Christan name was James and his mothers maiden name Catrine Reily his birth was on Sunday the 4th of May at 2 o clock in the morning

Nancy McFadden was Born in the year of our Lord 1767 August the 7th on Thursday [smear] clock in the afternoon In Ireland County of Monahan her fathers Christan name was Patrick and her Mothers name is ?yeme Bodole? Born in the County Down
On Thursday 10 O Clock in the morning James the 4th of March 1792 on Sunday 9 O clock in the morning same
Nancy Daily Departed this Life July 20th 1846 aged 79 years 11 months and three Days and like a ripe shock of corn gathered into the ?Garner of God her last words were Glory glory

[NOTE: Hiram Daily was not mentioned in the Bible pages; Hiram stated that page had been cut from the Bible and given to his sister Catharine. Several affidavits below relate to his proving himself to be a son of James Farrell O’Neill Daily and wife Nancy. mlj]

17 Sep 1845, letter from John W. Johnston, ?Tazewell [?Tennessee; possibly attorney to obtain pension for Nancy Daily], addressed “My dear Sir”; since it is in pension app, probably sent to Pension Office. States enclosing papers in Nancy Daily’s case. States she was married in South Carolina, where they keep no further record of marriages… [Signed] John W. Johnston

14 August 1851, letter from Sam N. Fain of Dandridge, Tennessee, addressed “Dear Sir”, stating James Oneal Daily served in War 1776, Hiram Daily made application for pension money due said heirs but never paid the same over. Requested to know the amount drawn by Hiram Daily.
[Signed] Sam N. Fain
23 January 1854, Morgan County, Kentucky, affidavit of Hiram Daily age 56, a resident of West Liberty in said county/state, in order to assert the right of Nancy Daily (his Mother) deceased, widow of James Farrell O Neill Daily, alias James O Neil Daily alias Farrell Oneill Daily…seldom used his entire name as he said it was burdensome. His father was a pensioner of the U.S. in Greene Co, TN and died there 20 April 1820, and that his mother said Nancy Daily was without means and fell upon Affiant to care for her. 1840 affiant moved from Tennessee to Smyth Co, VA taking his mother with him where she died 20 July 1846. On 7 May 1851 he moved from Virginia arriving in West Liberty, Morgan Co, KY 24 May 1851 where he now resides. That he heard his father say the length of his father’s name prevented him giving double names to any of his own children. That at the time of his father’s death he had the apearance of quite an aged man & he certainly was such and was so generally considered in the community. “That his father was a man who drank a great deal of Spirits and he chose to do much of his writing when he was under its influence and must have made a mistake when entering his age in the family register”. [Signed] Hiram Daily

3 June 1854, Washington Co, TN, affidavit of John Blair, knew Farrell Oneil Daily, his wife Nancy and their children. [Signed] John Blair

20 Sept 1854, ?Elhanah Johnson, P.E. “This is to certify that Dr. Hiram Daily is an acceptable Local Preacher of the Methodist E. church South in West Liberty. ??? given under my hand as Presiding Elder of West Liberty District of the Kentucky Conference. [Signed] ?Elhanah Johnson, P.E.

4 October 1854, Smythe County, Virginia, affidavit of John ?A Townsend…”some fifty years ago I was well acquainted personally with James F Oneill Daily that I went to school to him that he was then an old man…moved from here to Greene County Tennessee with his wife & children…John, James, Catherine & Hiram… [Signed] John ?A Townsend

4 October 1854, affidavit of William Thompson of Smythe Co, VA, basically the same as that of John Townsend. [Signed]

14 October 1854, Jefferson Co, Tennessee, affidavit of John Daily about 64 years old “oldest son of James Farrell Oneill Daily” who died “in my arms near Stone dam camp Ground six miles East of Greenville in Green Co, TN” between age of seventy and eighty. Stated his brother was Hiram Daily “who is here”. John [X] Daily

Same doc/date/place includes affidavit of Hiram Daily of Morgan Co, KY “left my home in Morgan Co, Ky at great cost & a heavy sacrifice of my business to hunt up persons who knew my father that I might establish the claim of my mother to a pension…” Mentions affidavits of John Townsend & William Thompson of Smyth co, VA and John Matthews & William Stanfield of Green County, Tennessee and John Daily of Jefferson Co, TN.

11 October 1854, Greene Co, TN, John Matthews aged 66 “where I have resided the last forty years” states in April 1820 “I made a coffin for James Farrell Oneil Daily who died near Stone Dam Camp Ground 6 miles East of Greenville”, knew Hiram Daily to be the son of said deceased and his wife Nancy, and Hiram lived a number of years at the place where his father died. [Signed] John Matthews

17 October 1854, letter to J. N. Coffin, Esq., New Market, Tennessee, from Hiram Daily enclosing affidavits obtained after having been gone some six weeks and traveled “between 7 & 8 hundred miles”.

27 November 1854, Morgan Co, KY, affidavit of Frances Garrett, Clerk of the Court, affirms that satisfactory evidence was executed by affidavit of Francis A. Schoolfield, a resident of the Town of West Liberty in Morgan Co, KY and by affidavit of Isaac V. Coffin of Washington, D. C. that Nancy Dailey late of Tennessee, the widow of Ferrell O Neil alias Farrell O Neil Daily and James O Neil Daily was a resident of Smith Co, TN and died there 20 July 1846; and that her only surviving children are Hiram Daily aged about 57 and Catharine Daily aged about 59 both residents of West Liberty, Morgan Co, KY. F. Garrett, Clerk

His Bible recorded his birth on a Sunday morning at 2 AM.

A copy of James' will was included in pension records. It stated (broken to paragraphs for easier reading):

"I James Oneil Daily, of Greene County and State of Tennessee being weak in body but of Sound memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

First I commit my Spirit to the living God, who gave it.

Second I recommend my body to the dust from whence it came to be there interred in a decent manner in a Christian burying ground Such as my Executors Shall Direct ~ and after Doctors expenses and funeral expenses is defrayed I will and ordain that all my personal property and any debts or money that is or will be due to me shall be put into my Executors hands to pay my just and lawful debts as far as it will go.

NOW I do make and ordain my true and loving sons John & Hiram Daily my true and lawful executors for me and in my name to transact all such business on the premises with an atterney or atterney under them be it always understood that said Executors shall not be considered as accountable for any moneys more than comes into their hands.
And should there be any more than will discharge my just debts it is hereby willed and ordained that my loving wife Nancy shall have one third and each of her children or their heirs an equal share.

Signed Sealed and delivered this 8th day of April 1820

James ON Daily in the presence of Patrick McAnderson and Catharine Daily

State of Tennessee Greene County } I Elijah W. Headrick Clerk of the County Court of said County do certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last Will and Testament of James ON Daily now on file in my office. And I further certify that the Records of my office Show that the Executors therein named appeared in Court and entered into bond with Security according to law and qualified at the April Session 1820 of our County Court. Given under my hand and Seal of office in Greeneville the 12th day of October 1854. E. W. Headrick, CGC

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