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Notes for Mary Ann "Polly" DAILY

She was mentioned in her grandfather Bowlby's will in 1779, New Jersey.

Most of the following was posted online in the Spackman Family of Utah and England:

The 1830 census of Davidson Co, NC shows widow, Mary Stevens, living with four sons and two daughters. This would be Alexander Jr. 17, David 13, Daniel 11, and Simeon 10, and sisters Mary 15, and Rohanna age 9. The older three girls and two brothers had married by this time. Son William lived nearby.

1831 In 1831, Alexander's third daughter, Elizabeth along with her husband, Daniel Brown, and her family, along with her brothers, Alexander Jr. and John Stephens, and a nephew, Homer Jackson, moved north to Schuyler County, Illinois.

Daniel and Elizabeth Brown had just lost their second home in a fire. It was after this incident happened that they resolved to leave North Carolina.

Daniel had written back such glowing reports of their new home in Illinois, that his brother, James Brown, who was married to Martha Stephens, also took his family north to Illinois in 1833.

Three years later, in 1836, Alexander's widow, Mary Dailey Stephens, decided to join her daughters in Illinois. Different family records have differing dates for their exodus to Illinois, but in the history of Daniel Stephens, one of the younger members of the family, he stated they moved to Illinois in 1836. He would have been a 17-year-old boy at that time.

In 1839, Schuyler county was divided into two parts. The LaMoine River bisected the county and the people in the Southern part of the county could not get to the county seat at Rushville during high water times. Thus the part that was West and South of the river became Brown County.

Part of the Stephens Family were in Brown County after the formation of the new county. Some moved to Schuyler County.

Lewis L. McAllister had written an interesting article in the Schuylerite, Vol. 15, pp.55-56. This article was written in 1934. "So far as is known, the oldest living descendant of the Stephens family is Mrs. Elizabeth Gaddis Terrill, aged 93 years of Rushville, Ill." (She was the eldest daughter of Rohanna Stephens, Alexander's youngest child.) "Daniel Stephens of near Sugar Grove, Schuyler County, Ill. and John M. Nooner, were both great grandfathers to Mr. McAllister."

"The mother of this large family, who came to Illinois, was Mary Daily Stephens, daughter of William Daily and Mary Palmer of New Jersey. In 1841, she married a second time, by Justice James C. Reid of Brown County, to George Naught, one of the earliest settlers in Schuyler County.

From dates of probate it seems Mary died a couple of months before George.

This day came William Stephens and presented this last will and testament of Mary Naught for probate which after being ------ is ordered to be recorded which is in words and figures as follows viz.

"State of Illinois, Schuyler County, September 20 in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty five:

"I being in a low state of health but in my right mind do make this my Last will and testament.
First, I will to Hannah Smith and Elizabeth Brown and Roann Gadis all of my wearing cloths.
Also I will to James Brown and his heirs, Mary Johnson and Alexander Stephens, fifty cents each and after that if there is any thing left after my being decently buried to be equally divided betwixt William, John, David, Daniel, Simeon Stephens and Elizabeth Brown, Hannah Smith and Roany Gaddis.

This my last will hereunto I set my hand and seal.

Mary X Naught /s/ her mark

In the presence of us attest:

Isaac Naught
John Stephens

"State of Illinois, Schuyler County This day personally appeared before me, Adam Dunlop, Probate Justice of the Peace in and for said County in open court, the above named John Stephens a creditable witness who being by me duly sworn on his oath (----) and says that he was present and saw the above named Mary Naught sign the above last will and testament in his presence, that he believed and still believes that the said Mary Naught was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing of said last will and testament in the presence and by the request of the said Mary Naught and in the presence of Isaac Naught."

"Forth this day came Joshua Lama a creditable witness who being by me duly sworn on his oath and says that he was present and saw the within named Isaac Naught sign the written last will and testament by making his mark and from his knowledge of the facts of the attesting the within and forgoing last will and testament of Mary Naught he believes the attesting and subscribing of the name of the said Isaac Naught as aforesaid to be act-(---) and of the said Isaac Naught.

"In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17 day of November, AD 1845. /s/ A. Dunlop P.J."

"This cave received its name from John Stephens, a nephew of Mary Daily Stephens Naught, who owned land surrounding the cave, and in it operated a mill and distillery from the water power furnished by numerous springs in the cave."

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