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Notes for Alexander STEPHENS

17th. Ward. Salt, Lake. City. October, 12 1869

October, 1869 James S. Brown, Page 6

I James, S, Brown, Set my Self in my own House With My Mother, By my side and trase Back the geneology of her Father and Mother.

Alexander Stephens Was Maried in Roan County State of North Carlina; North, America, To Poly or (Mary) Daly Who was Born in the a fore Said county and, State,

They atatched themselves to the Baptes Church and lived and dide members of the Same They Raised a Famley of 11 childrn Named as folows, William, then, Hanner, and Marthey, then Elizabeth who was my Mother, then John the Alexander, then Mary or (Poly) then Davied, then Daniel, Ruhsimah, Susan,

The Brothers of my Grand Father Alaxander Stephens was John, William; James, and Richard his Sisters was Named Mary or (Poly) Sarah then Janey;] Mary Maried Isaack, Coton, they had a Son that was Sires and a dauter that was caled Elizabeth.

Sarah, Maried a man By the Name of Port Nusom, rather a hard man, We hav not any more a Bout that Branch of the P Famley; Side of the Mother is comenced

William Daly was Born in Irland, came to North America when; a bout 13 years olde, and Maried Mary Palmer in North Calina

His famley was Named as folows Edmon; who Maried Anna Rusel, (then Charles, who Maried for his second wife Rebecah Cank,) William, and John, and James; then Davied; and Hanah; Who maried Myre Pain rather a hard man Then Sariah Who dide when a bout 12 years old; all the Born in Bav North Carolina;

The Brothers of Mary Palmer; Was James and the Siste Was Rohaamha She maried Abrahan Pipenger; then Hanah who maried James Briges) Sarah Who maried Alaxander Smith; a hard man; they had a son by the Name of Edmond and one John; and Thomas; then Hanah then Jeney who mareid a man by the name of Thomas Warner

This is all that I can learn about my ancesters and theirs."

Residences & events:

1810 Rowan Co, NC. Alexander Stephens with a wife, one son and three daughters. The children would be William, Hannah, Martha and Elizabeth.

1820 Same place lists an additional four sons and one other daughter. There is also one additional older lady living in the household who is over 45 years of age. Since Mary's mother died in 1819, it must have been Alexander's mother, Martha Roberts Stephens Ward, who was living with them. Some records indicate that this older woman died in 1825, but it must have been after 1827, as that is when the lawsuit ended between Alexander's mother and her daughter-in-law.

According to the Spackman Family web site:

"Alexander owned land in Rowan County, N.C. on Flat Swamp Creek. His land was bisected by 4 mile branch of the afore mentioned creek. In 1822, Davidson County was formed from Rowan County, and the family farm then became part of Davidson County, N.C."

Again from the Spackman Family:

Will of Alexander Stephens

"In the name of God amen I Alexander Stephens of the County of Rowan Being through the abundant mercies of God though weak in body yet of a sound and perfect understanding and memory do constitute this my last will and testamony and desire it to be received of all men asuch Imprimis I humbly Bequeath my Soul to God my maker beseeching his most gracious acceptance of it through the all sufficient merits and mediaton of my most compasonate redeemer Jesus Christ imprimis I give my body to the earth from whence it was taken in full asurance that it will rise again at the resurrection of the great day as for my buriel I desire it may be decent at the descretion of my wife and executors here after named as to my worldly estate I will and positively order that all my Just debts be paid, Item I will and bequeath all my rail and personal property that I now posess to my dear and loving wife Mary Stephens to do and depose of as she thinks proper to rais my children upon while she lives or during her widowhood and then all my estate to be Equally devided among all my children and I do constitute my wife Mary Stephens my soul Executor of this my Last will and testament in witness where of I do here unto set my hand and seal this 24 of December 1819 in the presence of us.

test Richard Briggs /s/ Alex Stephens (Seal)"

The will was signed and dated Dec. 1819, in Rowan County, but it was not filed until the March Session 1824, in Davidson County, North Carolina. Davidson County having been formed in 1822, between the time the will was written and when he died. It was recorded and registered in Book A page 28 by David Mock the clerk of the court.

In June 1824, Mary Stephens, wife of Alexander Stephens filled out an inventory of the property of Alex Stephens, decd. The description and wording used by Mary in this document is in her own words and spelling. The document is found in LDS Film number 1903138 of the Davidson County, NC, Estate Files.

Inventory of the property of Alex Stephens, decd.

4 hars critters 1 glass 2 umberels

9 hed of cattle 1 churm 1 pale 12 hed of hogs 1 tray 5 vails 16 hed of sheep 2 heckles 1 waggin 1 still an tub 1 clock 2 plains

1 pare of wagin gears 3 beds 1 riffle 1 wagon lode of flax 1 table 1spade 2 dressers an furnitur 1 oven 1 skillet 2 smoothing irons 1 pan 5 raisirs

2 siths an cradles 2 tramels 3 plows 3 half bushels 3 whhels 2 pals

1 gang of chickens 1 pick 1 sprauling 1 pare of plowing gears 4 hoss 3 saws

1 candle mole 9 books 1 chisal 2 pare of shears 8 chears 2 augurs

2 meal bags 1 trumtpet 2 saddles 1 pare of stillgards 1 spade 1 bridles

1 coffey mill 1 tray 1 jug 2 fire shovels 2 candle sticks 5 bottles

3 par of cards 1 grass sith 1 tub 1 pare of traces 1 comb 1 cubbard

77 pounds of iron 1 hammer 2 waggons 1 pare of pinchers 7 shays 1 lock chain

1 pare of teeth drawers 19 gees 7 shays 3700 weight of tobacco

/s/ Mary Stephens adm.

Alexander's wife was left with six unmarried children at home at the time of her husband's death. The youngest being only two years old at the time of her father's death.

Not long after Alexander's death, his wife became involved in a two-year court battle with her mother-in-law, Martha Roberts Stephens Ward. It did not state the exact damage that had been done, but Alexander's mother was claiming damages that amounted to $55.50. Both parties felt that they were wronged. It is doubtful that there was a very good feeling between mother and daughter-in-law after this court case was settled..

It was interesting that Martha chose Sion Jackson as one of her witnesses. Sion was married to Susan Brown, an elder sister of Captain James and Daniel Brown. Poor Sion was embroiled in many court battles. It seemed he owed everybody money and none expected to collect any of it. Susan later left him and took her children else where. Sion was the gunman who tried to shoot his brother-in-law, James Brown, when the latter showed up in North Carolina as a missionary sent to preach Mormonism. (Recorded in History of Captain James Brown). The court case is quite lengthy, some 17 pages long. The original can be found in LDS Film number 1903138 The Estate Files of Davidson County, North Carolina.

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