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Notes for Samuel BOWLBY

Samuel was the first of three sons named in his father's will and received a third of his father's land when the will was probated in 1782.

Samuel's attitude during the war is given in a biographic sketch of Joseph I. BOWLSBY of Neligh, NE, who is believed to be a grandson through Samuel's son, Samuel. Several items given inthe sketch are of doubtful validity, but in light of what is now knownof Samuel's life, this has the ring of truth:

"His grandfather, Captain Samuel BOWLSBY. .. served for sometime in the militia, which was organized for protection against theIndians. When the Revolutionary War broke out he resigned his position as anofficer in the militia, as he was too old to enter the service had he been so inclined.His sympathies were with the British, as the sympathies of his family, stillhe took no active part either way."

A quitclaim on 3 Nov 1801, for 35 acres from Samuel BOWLBY to Henry DUSENBERY reveals that at that time Samuel owned practically all of what is today New Hampton with exception to the six acres bequeathed in his father's will to assorted grandchildren.These were the lands that fell in dispute in 1823. A manuscript map by D, Stanton HAMMOND of Hunterdon County drawn from early deeds showsthat Samuel held a fifty acre tract before his father's death that lay along the south bank of the Musconetcong River in the vicinity of New Hampton in Hunterdon County. The land inherited from his father is said to have included the family grist mill at Imlaydale on the northbank of the Musconetcong River in Syssex, now Warren County.

Tom Chase at said:

Samuel's estate was introduced into the Prerogative Court, Sussex Co., 22 Nov1823, at which time it was stated that Samuel "... died in the month of November last past intestate seized of land and real estate, lying on both sides of the Musconetcong creek."

From the Prerogative Court Petition of the heirs of Samuel BOWLBY dated Nov. 1824: Samuel died "in the month of November, 1822 (no age given)..leaving heirs at law to whom it (property) hath descended, to wit,
Samuel BOWLBY, his son, entitled to one share.
Hannah PIATT, wife of Benjamin PIATT, his daughter, entitled to one share.
Mary LACY, widowof John LACEY dec'd. his daughter, entitled to one share.
Joseph L.BOWLBY, John S. BOWLBY, Henry BOWLBY, Samuel BOWLBY and James BOWLBY,sons of John BOWLBY his son who was entitled to one share.
Sally Martin HESS, wife of John Martin HESS his daughter who was entitled to one share. Samuel LACEY, Elizabeth MORSE late LACEY, wife of Robert MORSE, and Mary LACEY, a minor, children of Ann LACEY deceased who was the wife of Garret LACEY and daughter of said Samuel BOWLBY deceasedand entitled to one share of his said real estate.
Also states that the property is "clear of all debt and that the said real estate is not depreciating in value".

At the time of his death, Samuel held land described as "... the farm in the counties of Hunterdon and Sussex on both sides of the Musconetcong River, containing two hundred and fifty acres more o less, and also the farm situate in the county of Sussex near thevillage of Washington, containing one hundred and seventy-five acresmore or less...."

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