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Notes for Karl Hans Von HOUSER

From the Houser-Chitwood Get Together is the following:

"Ten years after the close of the 30 years war, the 'bloodiest war in history', Karl Hans Hauser was born in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. It is believed that his ancestors lived along the Rhine River and had fled south to avoid the ravages of the war. His family had lived in Switzerland for at least two generations, and were followers of Huldrych Zwingley, the Swiss Protestant reformer."

Residences & events:

Zurich, SW where he was born and grew to adulthood, making his living as a weaver and tailor.

Abt 1680 Onansbruck, Germany.

Again from the above:

"Karl went 'down river' and settled in the small principality of Onansbruck, a part of the Palatinate. At that time in history, Germany was made up of over 50 principalities, dukedoms, and earldoms, each governed by a different ruler. Onansbruck is likely a small principality of some 150 square miles lying northwest of what is now Wiesbaden, Germany."

There, known as Hans, he became a prominent citizen, successful merchant, deacon of the Church, and active support of the local government.

1686 Heidelberg, Ger. He was honored by Prince Henry VII, Prince Palatine, for his prominence and was granted the title of "von", equivalent to the British title of "sir," a non-hereditary title. Thus his children did not use "Von Hauser" in America as their last name but simply Hauser, though it also began to be spelled Houser at some point.

1703 He and Huldricha and their family of 3 children sialed 160 miles from Rotterdam, Germany to London, England.

1709 At over 50 years of age, he sailed to America with some of the older children to check it out before moving the entire family.

1707 Germantown, PA. His name was on the tax list of that small community 15 miles up the Schuylkill River from Philadelphia.

1708 He returned to London to "retrieve" the rest of his family.

6/15/1709 Karl, Huldricha, and 3 children, Barbara, Hans, and Johannes, sailed from London for the new world.

1711 Conestoga, Lancaster Co, PA. His name was on the tax list there where he was associated with the Webber family in the weaving business and land development.

1722 York Co, PA where he died.

He left wife "Hulda" and at least 7 children," although some may have actually been grandchildren.

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