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Notes for George STUBBLEFIELD

Residences & events:

1775 He enlisted in the Continental Army as a Minute Man for 12 months.

He enlisted in the Regular Army and served under Captain Francis Taliaferro under whom he marched to Hampton. The commanding officer was Major Buchannan.

He went to Williamsburg and was out for 50 days.

He then went on a tour as a militia man under Captain Harry Stubblefield (brother or uncle?).

2/12/1776 His rank was Captain of the 5th VA

4/1777 He was promoted to Major of the 14th VA

2/22/1778. He resigned as Colonel of the VA Militia

At some point in time he served as High Sheriff

Rice Vass of Spotsylvania County and his wife Ann of Berkley Parish Spotsylvania County to George Stubblefield of aforesaid County 56 pounds Currency for 139 acres of which 57 acre sis now held by Mary widow of Philip Vincent Vass deed as tenant in dower the remainder held by the said Rice. Deed Book H dated October 21,1773

Rice Vass of Spotsylvania County to George Stubblefield of same county 40 pounds currency for 6 acres of land with Mill and dam Deed Book H page310Dated April 21, 1774

Thomas Carr of the State of Georgia but at present in Spotsylvania County, Virginia to George Stubblefiel of Spotsylvania Virginia 300 pounds Sterling for half a tract of 3450 acres of land in Berkley Parish
November 25, 1786 George Stubblefield, High Sheriff of Spotsylvania County to Robert Smith of the same County. Sale of lands of the estate of William Howard, deceased and of Henry Foster late of Spotsylvania for taxes etc, Spotsylvania County Deed Book J dated May 3, 1787

Sarah Lowry, b. July 21, 1745; d. May 3, 1819. It is said that she became engaged to George Stubblefield, son of George, when about fifteen years of age. To prevent her early marriage,
her father sent her to school 600 miles from home. Later she returned home and married Col. Raleigh Dangerfield, and had six children, all of whom died in infancy. Two years after his death, she married her first love, George Stubblefield. He became a Captain in the Revolutionary Army, and his orderly book is among the printed records of the Virginia Historical Society. Before the close of the War, he rose to the rank of Major. While he was away with the Revolutionary Army, the British soldiers persecuted his wife, who, with her children, was obliged to flee from her home. Her children were, --William Tabb Stubblefield (m. Susan Cannon), John Lowry Stubblefield (m. Fanny Jones), and

KING AND QUEEN COUNTY: Records Concerning 18M Century Persons
Robinson Daingertlelds Estate. 1774. Contributed by Mr.George Harrison Sanford King of Fredricksburg Virginia records of Spotsylvenia County, Spotsylvania Virginia. Deed Book 'L' pAge 137. Instrument dated 12 December 1774. William Daingerfield of Spoftylvania County for love and regard for Sally Daingerfieldof the County of King and Queen, widow of Robinson Daingerfield of the said county gives and makeover 'unto the said Sally Daingerfield all the negroes that came by the said Sally Dalngerfiield and their increase. - ."in consideration at the said Sally Daingerfield giving up her right of dower In the Land of the said Robinson Daingerfield or any other part of his estate' This agreement was not recorded until 2 August 1786 at which time William Daingerfield party to these present ,is described to being deceased. On the margin a note says executed and delivered to Benjamin Stubblefield son of George
Novr. 1, 1791. John Lewis of Spots. Co. to Thomas Colson of same co. To indemnify the sd. Colson [who with Col. George Stubblefield of Frederick Co.] stands bound as security for the sd. Lewis, the sd. Lewis conveys goods and chattles, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs and negroes, etc., etc. No witnesses. Novr. 1, 1791.

George Stubblefield was born about 1738 probably in Essex County, Virginia and moved to Spotsylvania County, Virginia in his childhood. He marries ( 1)about 1758 unknown and ( 2 )about 1780 married Sarah Loury widow of Robinson Daingerfield. He served in the French and Indian War for which he later received bounty land and he was a Cadet under Adam stephen in 762: on May 9, 1769 he received a commission as a Militia Captain and took the oath on November 6, 1769and he leased 10 acres from his brother Harry on November 14, 1770. On April 9, 1771 he bought 252 acres from John Waller for 147 pounds. On July 9, 1773 he bought Rice Vass interest in 576 acres and on July18, 1773 he bought vass interest in 139 acres. On April 14, 1774 he bought 4 acres with a mill and dam from vass. On April 11, 1775 he sold 25 acres to Carnnochan He was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses on May 29, 1775 and on September 22, 1775 he was elected a Militia Captain. He was a Captain in the Fifth Virginia Regiment in 1776 and a Major in the 14th Virginia Regiment in 1777. He resigned his commission on February 22,1778 and he was a Colonel in the Virginia Militia in 1780 and 1781, On January 10, 1780 he bought 135 acres from John Brock and 100 acres from Rueben Massey. He sold 30 acres to Peter Stubblefield on February 22, 1782. He sold 426 acres and other property plus the 420 acres where he now lives to John Chew, Jr. for 1296 pounds. On august 12, 1782 he sold80 acres to clayton Coleman. On April 6, 1782 he bought 143 acres from Thomas Powell and 172 acres from Joseph and Edward Herndon on April 17,1783. On June 25,1783 he received a warrant for 2666 acres for his Military service in the american Revolution. On june 18, 1784 he bought Robert G, Beverlys interest in 828 acres On August 11, 1784 he bought 130 acrea and 3 slaves from David Woodruff and on September 4, 1784 he bought 227 acres from Richard Loury. He hought a lot in Fredricksburg from Harry Bartlett onApril 18, 1785 and 111 acres from Mark Davis on September 7, 1785 On September 8, 1785 he sold Thomas Powell 776 acres for 582 pounds and on October 6, 1785 he sold Powell 222 acres for 102 pounds with Thomas Carr he sold william dawson 170 acres for 102 pounds on October 1, 1785 and John Wren 100 acres for 100 pounds on October 12, 1785. O January 1, 1788 he sold 336 acres to edward Herndon for 84 pounds 16 shillings. On February 18,1790 he sold Thomas Colson for 3000pounds ,1243 acres bought from Powell, 172 acres bought from Herndon and 150 acres bought from Abram Simons. Stubblefield the moved to Frederick County, Virginia where on Februart i, 1790 he bought 978 acres from George Lewis and Thomas Colson. On October 1, 1792 he sold it to John holker for 5000 pounds and Holker mortgaged it to him the following day. O december 26 , 1788 he bought 496 acres from Mordecai Booth for $2450. He made his will on February 9, 1801 giving his property to his wife and their 3 childres and his 5 surving children by his first wife. Will was probated on October 7 , 1801 ( source Trembles book Strouds and Stubblefields in Tennessee and Virginia )

December. 1, 1791. John Lewis of Spots. Co. to Thomas Colson of same co. To indemnify the said Colson [who with Col. George Stubblefield of Frederick Co.] stands bound as security for the sd. Lewis, the sd. Lewis conveys goods and chattles, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs & negroes, etc. No witnesses. November. 1, 179 1.

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