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William was the younger brother of Capt. William Powell. He filed a petition from England to claim his brother's estate but he never received any part of it until after William's son George died in 1650.

Will of William Powell of Southwark, Surrey, England
(Brother of Sd. Capt. William Powell of same Parish)

In the Name of God, Amen, The seventeenth day of May and the Yeare of Our Lord God; Canterbury to the "remputation" of the Churche of England, our England, six hundred and sixty, I William POWELL of the Parish of St. Saviours in Southwarke in the County of Surrey, Baker, brung all this present tyme such and ill in bodyie but of sound and perfect mynd and memory (Pray be given to Almightie God) In regard of the mater entry of this fist doth make this my last testament entry herein my last will in manner and forme following (that is to saye)

FIRST, principally recommend my soule into the hands of almighty God my maker and creator and his sonne Jesus Christ my holy saviour and redeemer through the alloments of whose in his utter death and passion I shall safely hope to be saved my body from the earth from where it was made to be in decent and All Christian Manner brought to the ground and buried at the Descretion of my Executor Hereafter named and as touching off that worldy estate and "subsidies" the Lord hath been pleased to endow me with my will and mynd is as followeth:

INPRIMO: a farthing and mourn ringe this my said Executors and wood grounds both effectes held and Chattells herein after generously mentioned. (that is to say) ALL that my my household wood shall yield now lying by "N,,,,,,gruth" Myar lying att "Tay..r" "Myer" Leigh in the countie of Essex and all that my other household wood "salled Coopers wood" nonlying by examination further at as lying att "Ossensettie" in "Talie" aforesaid and that the named of wares being thereheld and lying the Parish of "Leadicaster" in the said county of Essex which "E…." purchased of one Samuell "Ehoutes" Esquire, to hold to witt said my "rentes" from and our daily after the death and burial of Dame Margarett "Ehouex," mother of the saide Samuell. And our Lease holdings of "Brafze=nafe=Gellldye" in Oxford of certaine lands and a lease lying "Winbulf mire Gassron Walden" and our other lease holding "Gwinwef" "Collweyd" granted of one and sevnty spinges in "wimbuself" aforesaid AND my will and "grant" and I do hereby give will and draft all that my saide lands, leasings and wood grounds afore mentioned (said "freehold" and Chattels") unto my "noblesaid" daughter Martha "Rotherman" of LEONARD "Vothervan" of the Borroughe of Southwarke, St. Saviour and to HUMPHREY Powell, Sadler of London to hold all my said Martha "Vothervan and Humphrey Millett and their heirs and ",,," forever." And to hold the said "Ranulf Leigh Gefort", sustained unto the said Martha Votheram and "kins,,,," their "esp…d" adminstration and "assig..D' for the remaining "assests" to come of the "….." of years by the same leases and "…" of them granted, UPON TRUST and of beneficient worthiness that they the said Martha Rotheram and Humphrey Millet of the "" of them they theirs "Executors and administrators of some of them that shall with all testament "speed" "…" after my death make sale of all my said lands, "testament" and wood grounds both leasehold and chattel before mentioned to any person or persons whatsoever for the "sole advantage" and using the monies bringing and to be had obtained by and upon said sales to "Discharge Satessys" and pay all and every the debts and sumes of money by me firstly do and "" to any person or persons either upone "Speetyabffy" or otherwise and upon further draft and confidence and submit "wh….." to the bequeathe following (that is to say) after all and "ebery" the debts sumes of money by my wordly debts and to Joseph RUTHERVAN to me of the said Martha ROTHEMIN" owing are first paid as aforesaid reasonable and necessary expenses them deducted and afforded Then I doe give and bequeathe all the surplus monies remaining of such sale (if any be) unto those present after named (that is to say) To my daughter the said Martha Rotherman and to the six children of WILLIAM PARKER of London, Cheesemonger, namely Martha Parker, William Parker, Mary Parker, Sussanah Parker, Elizabeth Parker and ANNE PARKER, part and parsels be paide unto the said six children their part thereof (viz) to the sone at the age of one and twenty years and to the daughters at the age of one and twenty years or dayes of marriage which first happens and if any of the said six children shall happen to dye or depart this life within the tyme before permitted for the payment of his or her parte and portion parte and portions as aforesaid then and in such case I do will and appoint the parte and portion partes or him hers or them shall dying shall some and be paid equally amongst the remaining children or wholly to the surviving child of them the said six children at the tyme and according as ",,," is permitted.
ITEM I doe give and bequeathe unto Elizabeth Rotheman the wife of my grandchild Thomas Rotherman the counterpart of that lease and the profits thereofe by witt granted unto our William "Aprarhe"" of wares in the said county of Essex who upon is reserved the yearly rent of ten pounds of lawful money of England to hold "maner pertaining" and may the said yearly rent of ten pounds as the same shall be due and payable by the said upon the said lease last aforementioned unto the said Elizabeth Rotherman and to the children of the bodie of the said Elizabeth lawful begotten and to be begotten for said the remaining tyme "so…" of the terms of years by the said lease mentioned, lease granted (If the said Elizabeth Rotherman or any child or children of her body lawfully begotten or to be begotten as aforesaid shall so "inherit") But if the said Elizabeth Rotherman and the children of the body of the said Elizabeth Rotherman begotten and to be begotten aforesaid shall all "f,.." to die before the expiration of the lease of ",," years aforesaid lease shall mentioned then I give the sume under thereof unto the said Thomas Rotherman his executor, administrator and Exqueter.

ITEM as "far…ing" and "remaining" that my "Herhord Mesuage: or Ann "valled" the Kings Arms with the "Anthonys lands grounds" and all other the appointments belonging "drytuat" and being all Brewers in the Saide County of Essex My will and "want" is any I doe hereby give will and draft the said "messages" with the "Anthony's Lands" grounds and the other and the appointments belonging unto the said Elizabeth Rotherman wife of my grandchild Thomas Rotherman before named to hold unto the said Elizabeth Rotherman of such effects, Then I give the remainder thereof unto the said Thomas Rotherman and to the heirs and assignees of the said Thomas forever.

ITEM as fourthly and remaining this my Coppyhold lands with the opportunies "by mer" holden of the Manner "Grrat-Burftread" in "Belldrara" inforesaid in the said county of Essex and all other of my Coppyhold lands, tenements and "guildteneaments" whatsoever lying in "Belldrira" of "Ellishdere" in the said county of Essex and which if hant already surrendered to the sole of this my will My will and mind is And I doe hereby grant will and desire all those my said Coppyhold lands tenements and headteneaments with the oppurtenments unto the said Elizabeth Rotherman wife of my Grandchild Thomas Rotherman to hold unto the said Elizabeth Rotherman and to the heirs of the body of the said Elizabeth lawfully begotten and to be begotten and in default of such lease then I give the remainder thereof unto the said Thomas Rotherman and to the heirs and assignees of the said Thomas Rotherman forever. ITEM I do give and bequeath unto said Humphry Millett before named the sume of seventy pounds of lawful money of England for his "ra.." and promise to be taken as "emi…t" of the Executor of this my will.

ITEM I do give and bequeath unto my trusty and "noble.." friend John Sutton of StapleAnne in Lolbernt in the county of Middlesex and Edward Gall in the Parish of St. Saviour in Southwarke in the county, "Potter gfluanis Bimbury" of the said parish of St. Saviour in Southwarke of Surrey Sixty nine pounds apiece (that is to say) to every one of them the said John Sutton Edward Gall "Flauvius Bimbury" the summe of ten pounds of the lawful money of England for their names and promis to be held and taken as being overseers of this my will.

The Rest and residue of all and singular my ready money, goodes, Delft Plate, wearing apparall, jewels,rings, all household goods and moveables, leases and all other my personal estate whatsoever or whensoever (after my debts paid, my funeral expenses discharges and legalites this whereafter said Martha Rotheram and I do make and ordain the said Martha Rotheram and the said Humprey Millett aforesaid named full and sole executors of this my last will and testament Heretoby deserving them and either of them to sole them best and "straight …."

In and about the full performance of this my will as they will enforce the "poutrary and expertly and principally that they make sale of my land before appointed to be sold and satisfy my debts with all possible and testament speed after my death and I do desire and pay the overplus money thereof (if any Be) in just manner and according as first before in this my last will I have expressly set downe "desired" given and appointed the same and for overseers of this my will of last monument and appoint them my said last my friende John Sutton Edward BALL and Ffrancis Brimbury before named erstwhile heartily desiring them and either of their first names an signatures in the above draft of this my last will and testament (severe water damage…., unable to read several lines) All things performed as desired my last will>>>>>>damage>>>>> I do hereby revoke all previous wills>>>>Damage>>>>in force but this my last will and testament.

IN WITNESS therein by hand of this my last will and testament the said WILLIAM POWELL, gent. Subscribe, damage>>>> and affix my seal to the >>>>damage G.<<
MEMORANDUM As the before named WILLIAM POWELL before the sealing "but….def,…y" Hereof do hereby express and desire that in case the before named William PARKER and >>>>>Burton of Chames Streete London "Si….." on out or both of them doe not "me" shall not deliver up unto my expressed before named wishes requests by them then made I retain deceased purporting a bargaine and shall of the named of which before mentioned (unto which deede they cunningly and subtely given wit in their profession which any may "berate" or "rr……" any part of my estate (which deed first before mentioned I order my Executor when possessed thereof to re…." And make now) That then upon denial and resinfall by them or either of them of the delivering up of the aforesaid deed and writings or buy of them I will and further decree that all and every the legacies and portions given and by me willed to the children of the said William Parker before in this my will named shall from such tyme of Deniall be to them utterly paid and in such task the overplus money before expressed shall be equally divided between my said daughter Martha and her said sonne"Alfred" any thing before in this my will testament to the contrary notwithstanding and I do order and appoint this memorandum made before sealing to be read and taken and as for part of my last will and afterwards sealed and delivered in the presence of ^name unable to read…Latinized name of notary….seal.

PROBATUM FUIT: IN Latin 1660 daughter Martha Rotherman Under this in English written 17 July 1662 Probatum inacted for said Mst. WM POWELL, signed Thomas Fisher, Notary…

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