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Notes for Elizabeth STEPHENS

17th. Ward. Salt, Lake. City. October, 12 1869

October, 1869 James S. Brown, Page 6

I James, S, Brown, Set my Self in my own House With My Mother, By my side and trase Back the geneology of her Father and Mother.

Alexander Stephens Was Maried in Roan County State of North Carlina; North, America, To Poly or (Mary) Daly Who was Born in the a fore Said county and, State,

They atatched themselves to the Baptes Church and lived and dide members of the Same They Raised a Famley of 11 childrn Named as folows, William, then, Hanner, and Marthey, then Elizabeth who was my Mother, then John the Alexander, then Mary or (Poly) then Davied, then Daniel, Ruhsimah, Susan,

The Brothers of my Grand Father Alaxander Stephens was John, William; James, and Richard his Sisters was Named Mary or (Poly) Sarah then Janey;] Mary Maried Isaack, Coton, they had a Son that was Sires and a dauter that was caled Elizabeth

Sarah, Maried a man By the Name of Port Nusom, rather a hard man, We hav not any more a Bout that Branch of the P Famley; Side of the Mother is comenced

William Daly was Born in Irland, came to North America when; a bout 13 years olde, and Maried Mary Palmer in North Calina

His famley was Named as folows Edmon; who Maried Anna Rusel, (then Charles, who Maried for his second wife Rebecah Cank,) William, and John, and James; then Davied; and Hanah; Who maried Myre Pain rather a hard man Then Sariah Who dide when a bout 12 years old; all the Born in Bav North Carolina;

The Brothers of Mary Palmer; Was James and the Siste Was Rohaamha She maried Abrahan Pipenger; then Hanah who maried James Briges) Sarah Who maried Alaxander Smith; a hard man; they had a son by the Name of Edmond and one John; and Thomas; then Hanah then Jeney who mareid a man by the name of Thomas Warner

This is all that I can learn about my ancesters and theirs."

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