Van Gundy Family Tree

Homer W WRIGHT [Parents].Homer married Grace Roemand.

Other marriages:
GRIGSBY, Blanche

Homer was a pallbearer for his grandmother Powell.

One of his wives died in 1917 as noted by the Powell family reunion notes. Her first name was not given. Another died 2/1919, again as mentioned in the reunion minutes, again her first name was not given.

The mother of his two daughters is unknown but are listed here for safe keeping.

Grace Roemand.Grace married Homer W WRIGHT.

Walter POTTER.Walter married Fern WRIGHT.

Fern WRIGHT [Parents].Fern married Walter POTTER.

The obituary of brother, James, is the only record found for this
person. Her father's biography did not even mention her.

Benjamin Franklin POWELL [Parents] was born on 14 Jun 1846 in IN. He died on 1 Feb 1929 in Mattoon, Coles Co, IL, at the IOOF home. He was buried on 3 Feb 1929 in Glenwood Cem, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL. He married Ellen Isabell MIDDLESWORTH on 1 Nov 1869 in Shelby Co, IL, by B W F Corley, MG. Benjamin resided in Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL.

Residences & events:

1870 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL. Benjamin and Ellen were newlyweds
and had a female, Higen Bottom, 18, from KY living with them but no
relationship was noted.

1880 Benjamin was a wood dealer at census time.

He died of influenza.

There was a $10 grave fee for his interrment.

Ellen Isabell MIDDLESWORTH was born on 22 Jun 1850 in Holland Twp, Shelby Co, IL. She died on 8 Feb 1918 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL, at home. She was buried in Glenwood Cem, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL. She married Benjamin Franklin POWELL on 1 Nov 1869 in Shelby Co, IL, by B W F Corley, MG.

Ellen had been blind the last 16 years of her life and died of
pneumonia after about a 4 week illness.

Her funeral services were held at the family home and conducted by Rev
M.G. Coleman of the First Methodist Church.

They had the following children:

  F i Mattie POWELL died in 1877. Mattie died in Glenwood Cem, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL.
  U ii Lovis POWELL was born in 1874. Lovis died on 12 Apr 1881. Lovis was buried in Glenwood Cem, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL.

Lovis was not listed with his parents in the 1880 census. Perhaps he
died 1 year earlier.
  M iii William "Willie" POWELL was born on 11 Apr 1876 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL. He died after 1941.

In the 1900 census, William was a day laborer.

When his mother died in 1918, he was in the Army serving in the hospital corps at Camp Greenlief, Ft Oglethorpe, GA, after enlisting at Indianapolis.

Birth records state he was the 3rd child of his mother. His birth dates was verified by cousin, William S Middlesworth and filed 1/28/1941, probably so he could receive a pension.

See his birth note. Will was listed among his mother's survivors.
  U iv Unknown POWELL died on 9 Apr 1875.
  F v Bertha POWELL was born in 1882 in IL. She died after 1918.

She was still living at home when her mother died. Apparently she
never married.

She survived her mother.

Isaac POWELL [Parents] was born on 11 Feb 1804 in Clark Co, KY. He died on 13 Mar 1891 in Shelby Co, IL. He was buried in Glenwood Cem, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL. He married Matilda (Powell).

His funeral notice in the newspaper stated "The funeral of Isaac Powell is to take place from the residence of B.F. Powell today (Tuesday) at 2:30 P.M. The friends and family are respectfully invited to attend.

Matilda (Powell) was born in 1808 in KY. She died on 16 Jul 1876 in Shelby Co, IL. She was buried in Glenwood Cem, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL. She married Isaac POWELL.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin Franklin POWELL was born on 14 Jun 1846. He died on 1 Feb 1929.
  F ii Nancy E POWELL was born in 1851.
  F iii Carrie POWELL was born on 17 Mar 1852. She died on 18 Feb 1883.
  M iv Edward POWELL was born in 1856 in KY.
  F v Elizabeth POWELL.

She was admitted to the Christian Church of Shelbyville, IL, in 1866,
by confession and immersion.

Honorias Sr POWELL [Parents] was born about 1669 in Essex Co, VA. He died in 1752 in Caroline Co, VA. He married Joyce Lambert about 1693 in Old Rappahannock Co, VA.

Residences & events in Honorias' life:

1695 He made certain gifts to his step-daughter, Sarah Lamberth.

1701 He was co-executor of his father's estate.

1704 Essex Co, VA. He was listed on the Quit Rent Rolls with 72 acres along with brothers, Place and Thomas, also having 72 acres.

2/1705-6 St Anne's Parish, Essex Co, VA. He bought 2 tracts of land totaling 570 acres from Daniel & Mary Magirt. The first of 300 acres was in exchange for 6000 lb tobo (tobacco) and was described: "adj Occupation Swamp, Wm Goulding land, Francis Shackleford's corner, Beverley's line 'by a small branch side of Matopony River thence along the said Beverley's line North East by East 244 poles to a corner white oak of Beverleys and a Corner red oak being a Corner of Andrew Barrons Land made by Capt Charles Smith,' along Barrons line" etc.

For the second plot of 270 acres, he paid 5400 lb tobo. This acreage was described: "betw a tract belonging to Mr Beverley and an Indian path. Adjs Chicahomony path, across the path, runs 426 poles along line of Beverly Park, along Andrew Barrons line" etc."

3/1712-13 Essex Co. Honorias, resident of St Annes Parish and a planter, bought 296 more acres from William & Margret Berry. This land was "part of a patent of 4763 acres granted to Enock Dou'ty on 15 June 1675."

5/14/1720 Honor Powell of St Ann's Parish had land in King and Queen County adjoining Joseph Berry and William Daniel.

In 1728 when Caroline Co, Va, was created the location of Honorias' land made him a resident of the new county in St Mary's Parish.

6/17/1729 Essex Co, VA. It seems some family members tried to cheat Honorias out of the 100 acres of land he received from his father by including it in the 427 1/2 acres they repatented in its entirety. The scheme apparently worked for awhile until this suit: "Action for trespass by Honorius Powell against Elizabeth Harrell. One hundred acres of land formerly granted to William Mosely April 8, 1670 and sold by said Mosely to Richard Pool by deed August 16, 1673 who by power of attorney to George Jones on September 24, 1678 deeds said tract to Thomas Powell on July 22, 1679; the defendant produced a
patent formerly granted to John Salmon, Place Powell, William Powell bearing date May 2, 1705 and we find John Salmon, son and heir of aforesaid John Salmon did sell the said land, formerly granted to one Charles Harrell January 8, 1716 under whom the defendant claims; if the law with jury trial October 8, 1728 said adjoining Col. John Camels forrest land proved by oath of Martin Willard, Catletts line, Widow Harrells house in the land surveyed at 120 acres. The patent to John Salmon, Place Powell, William Powell May 2, 1705 was for 427 1/2 acres in county of Essex which is the land in dispute. We find that
William Powell and Place Powell died, the said land being undivided and that they never made any disposal of same. That John Salmon survived the said Place and sold said land to Charles Harrell. We find that Honorius Powell was in possession of the land above 30 years ago and paid the quit rents for 1712, 1724, and 1728 but never claimed any possission of the land."

1732-34 Caroline Co, VA There were several entries recorded at the county courthouse:
Honorius registered 2 young slaves in court (when the French and Indian War broke out).
Honorius Powell served four times on the jury.

6/13/1734 - Honor Powell had a negro boy, Dover, adjudged to be 12 years old.

6/10/1737 - Honorius Powell exempted from paying county levie. (Exemption was usually granted due to age)
5/11/1739 - Joseph King to pay Honorius Powell 25 pounds tobacco for one day in court as a witness for him against Mayes Pickett.

1750 - Charles Beazley and Zachery Coghill finished apprenticeship under Honorius Powell and applied for their dues.

2/15/1736 Honorius Powell deeded land to Thomas Jones.

4/20/1736 Essex Co. He deeded land located there to Honorias, Jr.

10/24/1738 Orange Co, VA, and recorded 10/25/1739, "between William Callaway of St Mary's Parish in Orange County, Planter, to Honorius Powell of said parish and county, planter, for 25 pounds current Virginia money, 200 acres being part of a patent for 1000 acres granted to George Pen, September 28, 1725 and by the said George Pen
sold to David Williams in parish and county aforesaid near the great mountains, signed William Callaway; Testees, Zachery Taylor, Benjamin Powell, Martin ?. On May 22, 1739 possession delivered to said Honorius Powell. Signed William Callaway, Thomas Callaway, William (x) Worthen, Thomas (x) Botright. Elizabeth Callaway wife of William relinquishes her dower right. Henry Wills, Clerk."

9/7/1750 King George Co, VA. "Honorias Powell of St Mary's Parish, Caroline County Virginia, as brother and heir apparent to Place Powell who has removed himself to some remote place out of Virginia, conveys to John Champe, Gentleman, the land patented September, 1654 by Francis Place and leased November 11, 1710 by said Place Powell to
Augustine Smith, Gentleman, which lease is found in Essex County, Virginia."

No will has ever been found for him.

Joyce Lambert was born in VA. She married Honorias Sr POWELL about 1693 in Old Rappahannock Co, VA.

Other marriages:
Lambert, George

Joyce was the widow of George Lambert and had a daughter, Sarah. In 1695 Honorias, made certain gifts to his stepdaughter, Sarah Lambert.

They had the following children:

  M i John POWELL was born in 1695/1696. He died in 1763.
  M ii Honorias Jr POWELL was born in 1694/1695. He died about 1767.
  M iii Thomas POWELL died in 1788.

George Lambert.George married Joyce Lambert.

Joyce Lambert was born in VA. She married George Lambert.

Other marriages:
POWELL, Honorias Sr

Joyce was the widow of George Lambert and had a daughter, Sarah. In 1695 Honorias, made certain gifts to his stepdaughter, Sarah Lambert.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Lambert.

Simon POWELL [Parents] died in 1771 in Orange Co, VA. He married Martha (Powell).

Simon was a Sgt in Capt Hogg's Co of Rangers of Orange Co, VA, in the French and Indian War. He marched with Gen George Washington in the campaign to take Ft Duquesne (present site of Pittsburg, PA) from the French in 1758. His brother, Thomas, marched under William Byrd.

5/5/1755 He and brother-in-law, Francis Kirtley, were among the buyers of an estate sale.

2/1768 He served as administrator of his father's estate along with brother-in-law, Francis Kirtley.

3/21/1768 "Simon Powell, returned not found in bailiwick." (?)

Simon's will, dated 1/3/1771, read:

"To my children Elizabeth Jenat Powell and Salley Powell all my estate to be equally divided. In case either should die without issue, the whole estate to the survivor. If both of my children should die without issue, unto Francis Kirtley Junr. and the rest of the children of my sister Eliza Kirtley all the remainder of my estate.
Whereas my wife Martha hath for some time past made an elopement from me contrary to my will and desire by which means she has excluded herself from any right to any part of my estate, neither can she recover her dower by law, I do not think proper to make any provision for her or any of her children she may have had since her departure from me.
If I should die before my children comes of age or marries, my sister Eliza Kirtley should have the care and raising them.
If my wife should have a child after her departure from me and it should come and prove itself lawfully begotten, to him 5 pounds sterling.
Francis Kirley and Eliza his wife and Janet Powell my mother and Francis Kirtley Junr. executors.
Simon Powell"

Witnesses were: James Coursey, Winifred Coursey, Thomas Bush, Joshua Bush, John Jones, and Wm Kirtley.

8/22/1771 It was presented into court by Francis Kirtley and Eliza his wife and Francis Kirtley Junr. Proved by Joshua Bush, John Jones and Wm Kirtley. Executors with William Bell, Gent, their security entered into bond in the sum of 1000 pounds current money.

Apparently Simon had made loans to various people with future due dates. Among those were:

Due 11/11/1772 - Mrs Jenet Powell and Wm Kirtley
Due 11/1/1773 - Wm Riddle, Mrs Jennet Powell, and Thos Powell

4/1773 - Francis Kirtley was appointed guardian of Elizabeth Jennette Powell and Sally Powell, Simon's orphaned daughter

In settling the estate, payments and receipts were reported to the count by Francis Kirtley. Among those receiving payments were: William Powell, Mr Riddle (for schooling), Mr Riddle Jr, and Mr Bush.

7/22/1773 Settled by Wm Bell and Ben Johnson.
7/22/1773 Returned.

Martha (Powell) died before 1771. She married Simon POWELL.

In his will, Simon indicated Martha had predeceased him by asking his sister to raise his children, which she did.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Janette POWELL.
  F ii Salley POWELL.

Capt/Esq Francis KIRTLEY died about 1775. He married Elizabeth Janet "Eliza" POWELL.

Residences & events:

10/1/1746 "Francis Kirkly, 400 acres, Swift Run Pass, and 400 north of former; 400 acres adjoining above."

4/21/1748 "£20. Francis Kirkley, of Orange County, to Jno. Anderson, farmer, 400 acres on a draft of North River of Shanandoe called the Long Glade joining James Anderson's and James Cathey's Teste: Silas Hart, John Anderson, Geo. Anderson, James Anderson, Francis
Kirkley. Acknowledged, 18th May, 1748."

9/3/1750 "Francis Kirkly, 400, on Naked Creek, above Offal's survey; 400 on the east fork of the Creek at the mountain; 400 on Middle Fork; 400 on head of said creek near Fairfax line; 400 on West Branch of Naked Creek; 400 on East Branch of Dry Run; 400 on West Branch of Dry Run; 400 on East Branch of Hawksbill, joining Martin's land; 29th December, 1765, money for rights tendered by the surveyor on behalf of Kirkly. Thomas Keneley, vid. Thos. Turk."

4/16/1763 Rockingham, VA. He received a new commission & later got 940 acres in return for his military service.

3/13/1764 "Jeremiah ( ) Early and Elisabeth ( ), of Culpeper, to Francis Kirtley, £80, 240 acres on Elk Run. "Beginning confirmed unto Jeremiah Early a tract containing 40 acres between Elk Run and the Hawk's Bill; corner said Jeremiah Early; corner survey of Francis
Kirtley's to the beginning, thence the several courses of Martin's patent, on the south side Elk Run. being the remainder of Martin's patent the said Francis Kirtley purchased before, &c." Teste: James Kirtley, John Earley, William ( ) Bohanon, William ( ) Smith."

11/17/1767 "William Russell, late of Culpeper County, by Francis Kirkley to John Stevenson, yeoman, £32.10, 700 acres on Mill Creek, part of Stover's 5,000 acres, part whereof being lapsed and forfeited was granted to William Russell, Gent., father of said William Russell and contains 250 acres whereon John now lives as by survey made by Thomas Lewis, crossing Hooks' Branch; corner Perkey's land, Weaver's line; another tract of Perkey's; corner Francisco's land. Delivered: John Stevenson, October, 1769."

4/2/1768 "William ( ) Bohannon (Buchanan) and Ruth ( ) to Francis Kirtley, £30, 200 acres, corner said Kirtley, foot of Blue Ridge. Teste: Jacob Nicholas. Henry Tamewood, John Fudge."

1/4/1770 "Francis Kirtley and Elizabeth to John Futch, £50, 210 acres, lower fork of Elk Run in a line of Earley's land. Teste: Jacob Bear, Conrad Futch, David Magert. Delivered: John Futch, November, 1776."

3/16/1770 He was among the purchasers the sale of Nicholas Null's estate.

5/24/1774 "Elisha Estis, of Caroline County, and Gabriel Long, of Culpeper County, to Cap. Francis Kirtley, Sr. Teste: William, William, Jr., John, Francis Kirtley, Thos. Fortson. First proved by two witnesses and certified, 15th November, 1774; 20th February, 1787, proof compleated, but court refused to order record unntil tax of 3 shillings per 100 acres was paid, which was refused, and then on 19th June, 1787 the tax being paid, ordered recorded."

Augusta Co, VA Court Records:

8/4/1774 "Francis Kirtley's will--To wife, Elizabeth Kirtley, the tract his youngest son is to have; to son, Francis, tract at foot of the mountains where testator formerly lived, 1,100 acres, and the place Thos. Berry now lives on, and 5 negroes; to son, John Kirtley, 3 tracts in Orange County called, viz: Bryan's Trackt, Golding's Trackt, and Maddey's 600 acres, and also tract called the Grass Thicket in Augusta and the land on Nacked Creek; also testator's part of the land where Ruben Roach lives, and 5 negroes; to daughter, Elizabeth Kirtley, land bought of Eastise's estate called Pinkey's Old Mill Place; to son, Honorius Powell Kirtley, infant, land on Buns Run, being part of land testator lives on; to son, Sinkle Kirtley, other part of the land on Buns Run. (Fifteen negroes bequeathed besides those above.) Brother William Kirtley, if living, to make division. Executors, wife Elizabeth, son Francis Kirtley, son John Kirtley. Teste: William Kirtley, John Caurfey, Jane Crawford. Proved, 16th November, 1774, by the witnesses. Elizabeth refused to execute and renounced the provisions of the will. Francis Kirtley qualified with Thomas Lewis, Daniel Smith."

(Daugther, Elizabeth, may not be his birth daughter but the daughter of brother-in-law, Simon Powell, whom they raised.)

Again from court records:

3/21/1775 "Recorded. Francis Kirtley's appraisement by Wm. Nalle, Martin Nalle, Jr., John Seller."

11/22/1775 "Dower to be laid off to Elizabeth, widow of Francis Kirkley."

Elizabeth Janet "Eliza" POWELL [Parents] died after 1771. She married Capt/Esq Francis KIRTLEY.

She was mentioned in the will of her brother, Simon, and asked to raise his two daughters if they were not of age or married at the time of his death, which she did.

They had the following children:

  M i Frances Jr KIRTLEY.

From Augusta Co, VA, court records:

4/5/1755 "Jeremiah Early, of Culpeper, to Francis Kirtley, Jr., £100, 200 acres, part of 400 acres patented to Ro. Martin, 20th September, 1745, on Jilgo run. Elk Run; Livery, etc. Teste: Francis Kirtley, Sr., Jeremiah Earley, Jr., Wm. and Thos. Kirtley, Jno. Earley and Thos.Staunton."

9/8/1762 "John David Wilper and Anna Christina ( ) to Francis Kirkley, Jr., £35, 270 acres on Hawksbill, branch of Shanandore, conveyed to John David by Honorius Powell, 13th May, 1762. Delivered: Francis Kirtley, Esq., 27th May, 1789."

1785 Rockingham, VA. He was mentioned in orphan records, probably as a guardian.

2/20/1787 "Deed of Elisha Estes and Gabriel Long to Thos. Kirtley, formerly partly proved at November Court, 1774, is now fully proved by Francis Kirtley, Jr., but the Court refuses to have it recorded because said Kirtley refuses to pay the tax of 3 pp hundred acres."
  M ii John KIRTLEY.
  M iii Elizabeth KIRTLEY.

She may have been the niece he raised, daughter of Simon Powell.
  M iv St Clair KIRTLEY.

His Grandmother Powell lived with him following the death of his grandfather but "became dissatisfied and lived at orator's house (Stephen Conrad of Rockingham) until her death.
  F v Jennett KIRTLEY.

She was mentioned in the will of Grandmother Powell in addition to "Francis Kirtley's children."
  M vi Sinkle KIRTLEY.
  M vii Honorius Powell KIRTLEY was born about 1774.

William RIDDLE died about Jan 1777. He married Joyce POWELL in Orange Co, VA.

William's will, dated 12/22/1776, stated:

"To my son James Riddel one third part of 250 acres where I now live at my wife's decease.
To my son Lewis Riddel one third part of 250 acres of said tract at my wife's decease.
To my son William Riddel the other third part of my said land after my wife's decease, if he is living, otherwise his part to return to my other sons James and Lewis Riddle.
To my son James Riddel one Negro Sampson which he has now in possession not to be appraised in my estate with his paying 15 pounds to the estate at the first sale of the said estate.
To my son Lewis Riddel one Negro girl Callamy which he has now in possession, not to be appraised, with his paying 15 pounds at the time abovementioned.
To my daughter Joyce Powell one Negro boy Joshua with her paying 15 pounds to the estate, not to be appraised.
To my daughter Jannet Shepherd one Negro girl Fillis which she has in her possession, not to be appraised, with her paying 5 pounds.
To my daughter Winnyfrit Coursey one Negro wench Dafney which she must pay 65 pounds to the estate.
To my daughter Saley Powell one Negro Wench Catherior which she has now in possession with her paying 65 pounds to the estate.
To my beloved wife Joyce Riddel three Negroes Peter, George and Dol during her natural life or widowhood.
To my granddaughter Joyce Riddel daughter of Saley Powell one Negro boy Ben at the age of eighteen years old or marriage and if he should died before, I give her 70 pounds to be raised out of my estate in lieu of the boy, also one feather bed and furniture worth 9 pounds and to live with her grandmother and at her decease under the care of Lewis Riddle while of age or marries.
All the rest of my estate to be sold to the highest bidder and the money equally divided betwixt my seven children Winnifret, Janet, Parker, Joyce, William, Saly, and Lewis Riddel.
My beloved wife Joyce Riddel and my son James Riddel and my son Lewis Riddle executors.
William Riddell"

Witnesses were: James Beazley, Edm Shackleford, John Pemberton, Phillip Stallord.

2/25/1777 "Presented in Court by James Riddell and Lewis Riddell. proved by James Beazly, John Pemberton and Edmond Shackleford. Executors with James Walker, Benjamin Head and thomas Jones entered into bond in the sum of 2000 pounds current money."

However, it seems the estate was not distributed properly after mother died:

6/22/1784. "William Powell Riddle to Jacob Peck, power of attorney to prosecute a suit in General Court against James and Lewis Riddle, of Orange County, executor of William Riddle, deceased. for his part of said estate; also a negro that I left with my father, and
all estate left by me or my father to me in Orange County."

Joyce POWELL [Parents] was born in 1718/1722. She died about 1784. She married William RIDDLE in Orange Co, VA.

She was charged, in her husband's will, with raising her granddaughter, Joyce Riddle, Sally's illegitimate daughter.

Her death was probably the cause of the lawsuit brought by son, William, against the administrators of his father's estate in 1784. He had been promised certain property after his mother's death.

They had the following children:

  F i Winifred RIDDLE.
  F ii Jennette RIDDLE.
  M iii James Parker RIDDLE.
  F iv Joyce RIDDLE.
  M v William Powell RIDDLE. William resided.

William served in the American Revolutionary War.
  F vi Sally RIDDLE.
  M vii Lewis RIDDLE.

Lewis was charged by his father with raising the daughter of sister, Sally, should her grandmother die before the girl reached 18 years of age.

John POWELL [Parents] was born in 1695/1696 in Essex Co, VA. He died in 1763 in Culpeper Co, VA. He married Anne (Pickett) about 1715.

John's will was dated 1763 and must have been written shortly before his death. However, probate did not occur until 1766.

5/19/1763 His wife, Ann, and William Walker were appointed Administrators of John Powell, deceased. William Twyman, Thomas Burbridge, Thomas Rucker and Nathan Underwood appointed appraisers.

9/15/1763 The estate inventory was recorded.

2/8/1764 Honorius and Ambrose Powell, orphans of John Powell, deceased, chose James Powell, their brother as their guardian.

8/25/1766 His estate settlement: "The heirs of John Powell decd in account with William Walker

To cash to James Powell for his part, William Powell, Honorarius (sic) Powell, Ambrose Powell,
and John Stevens...........................L95 - 14s - 2d
To cash to John Shiflet.................. 19 - 2 - 10
To cash to Stephen Shiflet........... 19 - 2 - 10
To cash to Benjamin Powell....... 19 - 2 - 10
To cash to Francis Powell........... 19 - 2 - 10
To cash to John Powell.................19 - 2 - 10

Total.............L191 - 8 - 4

1766 August 25, by the amount of your Father's estate as settled By Col James Barbour, Robert Throgmorton, and Ephraim Rucker.
By order Court. Debts settled L191 - 8s - 4d."

Anne (Pickett) was born about 1695. She married John POWELL about 1715.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin POWELL died after 1770.
  M ii William POWELL died after 1790.
  F iii Elizabeth POWELL.
  M iv Francis POWELL died after 1770.

He was named in a Culpepper deed in 1770.
  F v Lucretia POWELL.
  F vi Female POWELL.

This person has not been verified. It is thought she married a
  M vii James POWELL was born before 1742. He died in 1776.
  M viii Capt Ambrose POWELL was born in 1744/1750. He died on 8 Sep 1788.
  M ix Honorias POWELL was born in 1744/1750.

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