Van Gundy Family Tree

Uriah deLawther was born on 22 Jan 1776. He died on 24 Mar 1812 in Walnut Twp, Pickaway Co, OH. He was buried in Reber Hill Cem, Walnut Twp, Pickaway Co, OH. He married Catherine COONROD in 1795.

Catherine COONROD [Parents] was born about 1776 in Augusta Co, VA. She died in 1858 in Fairfield Co, OH. She married Uriah deLawther in 1795.

David DENNY [Parents] died in River Raisin, MI. He married Margaret (DENNY).

In War of 1812.

1816 Pickaway Co, OH. Listed in tax list.

Died of camp fever, probably while serving in the War of 1812.

Margaret (DENNY).Margaret married David DENNY.

They had the following children:

  F i Jane DENNY.
  F ii Ann DENNY.

Apparently Ann never married. She was living with David Van Gundy in
one census, probably after the death of her father. At the settlement
of her estate, a niece was mentioned but no other next of kin.
  F iii Hannah DENNY was born in 1790/1800. She died on 6 Feb 1845.

Daniel VAN GUNDY [Parents] was born in 1838 in OH. He married Catherine DUPREE\Dippery on 10 Oct 1867 in Wyandot Co, OH.

Residences & events:

1868 OH, where daughter, Mary, was born.

1870 IN, where son, Charles, was born.

1880 Van Wert Co, OH. Apparently they did not like IN, at census time Daniel was listed as a farmer with a wife and 2 sons and 2 daughters. Three doors down was the Edward Dippery family.

Catherine DUPREE\Dippery [Parents] was born in 1848 in PA. She married Daniel VAN GUNDY on 10 Oct 1867 in Wyandot Co, OH.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary A VAN GUNDY was born in 1868 in OH.
  M ii Charles Edward Van Gundy was born on 22 Nov 1869. He died on 27 Aug 1928.
  M iii Henry W VAN GUNDY was born in 1877 in OH.
  F iv Myrtle V VAN GUNDY was born in Apr 1880 in OH.

John Van Gundy [Parents] was born on 1 Feb 1807 in Ross Co, OH. He died about 1913. He married Susannah Combs on 17 Jul 1831.

Daniel and Elizabeth may not belong to this family, being placed here because of their spouses and marriage place.

This death date as recorded by the OH Gen Soc is probably incorrect, unless he did live to 106!

Susannah Combs was born on 24 Apr 1815 in Ross Co, OH. She died in 1859. She married John Van Gundy on 17 Jul 1831.

They had the following children:

  M i William W Van Gundy was born on 21 May 1832.
  M ii Ruben J Van Gundy was born on 13 Jan 1834.
  M iii Cyrus VAN GUNDY was born on 3 Feb 1835.
  F iv Elizabeth VAN GUNDY.
  M v Daniel VAN GUNDY was born in 1838.
  F vi Mary Maria Van Gundy was born on 10 May 1838.
  M vii Lafayette Van Gundy was born in May 1840/1841. He died in 1928.
  F viii Christianna Van Gundy was born on 12 May 1842.
  F ix Angeline Van Gundy was born on 21 Mar 1844.
  F x Melinda Van Gundy was born on 6 Sep 1846.
  M xi Franklin Van Gundy was born Jasper Co, IA.
  F xii Barbara Ellen Van Gundy was born on 16 Dec 1851.

Edward DUPREE\Dippery was born in 1811 in PA. He married Mary (DIPPERY\DUPREE).

He was a stone mason.

Residences & events:

1880 Van Wert Co, OH. At census time he and Mary, both aged, had a 19 yr old granddaughter, Louisa Dippery, living with them.

Mary (DIPPERY\DUPREE) was born in 1809 in PA. She married Edward DUPREE\Dippery.

They had the following children:

  M i Isaac DUPREE\Dippery.
  F ii Hannah DUPREE\Dippery.
  F iii Catherine DUPREE\Dippery was born in 1848.

Charles Edward Van Gundy [Parents] was born on 22 Nov 1869 in Van Wert Co, OH. He died on 27 Aug 1928 in Bridgeport, Lawrence Co, IL. He married Emma PRIOR in Sep 1910 in Knox Co, IN.

The 1880 census recorded his name as posted, his name is Edward B on on his marriage license.

Emma PRIOR was born on 29 Mar 1887 in Crawford Co, IL. She married Charles Edward Van Gundy in Sep 1910 in Knox Co, IN.

They had the following children:

  M i Dale Jr Van Gundy. Dale resided in 1992.

How is he a Jr when his name is different from his father's?

Christian Sr VAN GUNDY [Parents] was born in 1743 in Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev Henry Matthews. He died in Mar 1813 in Ross Co, OH, near Chillicothe. He married Ann (VAN GUNDY) about 1765 in Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev Henry Matthews.

The birth dates for Christian and his children as posted in prior family histories, could not possibly be correct due to transactions between father and sons who would be 2, 7, and 13 years old. Also, the list of children and their mates does not agree with a land transfer which lists Christian's heirs. The Official Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers lists only the first 5 children as comprising his family.

Residences and events in Christian's life:

Lancaster Co, PA

4/30/1760 Northumberland Co, PA. A Philip Erps of Heidelberg, Lancaster Co, PA, yeoman, applied for 300 acres of land on the east side of Buffalo Creek on the West Branch of the Susquehanna, including an improvement.....for 16 pounds paid by Christian "VanGonty."

1773 Northumberland Co, PA. He was recommended for, and received, a license for the tavern in Strohecker's Landing (just south of the present Lewisburg) on the Susquehanna River on land owned by Ludwig Derr. Later, Chrisitan was involved in a 7 year court battle with Derr over this land, the result being Christian, his sons, and son-in-law, George May, had to pay a fine of 40 pounds. Christian also operated a grist mill and saw mill on the River.

Christian and several of his brothers and sons were involved in Court of Pleas suits in this county at one time or another.

1/8/1774 Buffalo Twp, Northumberland Co, PA. Christian bought 60 acres from Christian Evay for 50 pounds, 30 of which was paid as a down payment, the rest at 10 pound/year.

11/1/1778 Apparently in preparation for setting up housekeeping, sons, Jacob and Christian, Jr, bought the following items from their father for 60 pounds:

"One wagon with the horses & horse tackels & other appurtenances thereto belonging & also two cows four Haffers & two calfs and eight Sheep, six hogs Plow Harrow one iron Kittle two Stoves two beds & bedSteeds & other household goods one Pair of Mill Stones Bolten Cloth mill irons of both saw Mill and Griss Mill"

He also deeded land to both of them on this same date.

4/15/1779 He bought 300 acres from Philip Erbs/Erps, for an unspecified amount.

1779 Christian, the most famous member of the family in the county, served in the Rev War as a Sergeant under Col. John Kelley in the Pennsylvania Milita of Northumberland Co, PA. In May 1779 his group attempted to rescue John Sample and his wife from Indians but were driven off. The account was recorded in Linn's Annals of Buffalo Valley 1755-1855:

"By 1779 many people had left the (Buffalo) valley and the Indians were murdering at every opportunity. Col. Kelly and his Militia were out to try and check a marauding party of 15 to 17 Indians, who killed several settlers. Christian Van Gundy, Sr. went with a party of 6 men to rescue an old couple, who lived near Ramsay's schoolhouse in White Deer. After they got there Vangundy had slabs put up against the door and water carried upon the loft.

After dark an Indian came around, barking like a dog, but they paid no attention and slept until 3:00 a.m. when Vangundy got up and started a fire. The Indians then surrounded the house and tried to beat in the door with a log. Those inside fired and saw two wounded Indians carried off by their fellows. Another one came behind the house and set it on fire. Vangundy mounted the loft, knocked off some of the roof and put out the fire; but while doing this was struck on the leg by a spent ball, which marked him for some time.

At daylight, they took a vote and four of the six voted they should try to leave the place. Opening the door they found a dead Indian Chief. Vangundy took the chief's rifle and Van Dyke his powder horn. Suddenly, the other Indians came with loud yells to attack and the
whites separated. Vangundy elected to drop into a ravine with his two guns and tried to get the old people to go with him; but they refused and followed the younger men. Vangundy said he soon heard shots, which no doubt killed the old couple, who were found dead and scalped later. He never expected to get out alive, but determined that with
his two guns he could at least account for two of the savages. He made a circuit of seven miles and came out at Derr's Mill. By the time Col. Kelly had reached the area with the second detachment of his Militia they at once set out to persue this band of Indians and arrange a plan of alarm and defense for the few settlers, who remained in the valley."

4/1/1789 Christian and Ann sold the Erps land of 300 acres to sons, Christian, Jr, and Jacob for 50 pounds. They were probably the same two men who had bought the various items in 1778.

1790 Buffalo Twp, Northumberland Co, PA. Christian's family was counted in the census along with the families of Christian, Jr, John, and Joseph. There were 2 males over 16, 1 under 16, and 2 females in his household.

4/4/1793 Northumberland Co, PA. 40 acres were warranted to him.

1800 E Buffalo Twp, Northumberland Co, PA. Christian and a Mrs. Gundy were the only Gundys in the county and were neighbors.

1802 Ross Co, OH. Christian was listed as arriving this year in the 5th roster of Pioneers of First Families of Ohio. All of his children, with the exception of Christian, Jr, accompanied him.

He built a grist mill on the Kinnikinnick Creek on the northwest corner of section 21, 7 miles from Chilicothe, with the help of locals who had grown weary of traveling 70 miles to a mill. There is a story that he went to Wheeling, WV, and by killing and selling deer he made the money with which to buy nails, glass, and iron for the mill, which he transported back to OH on pack horses. He first obtained a lease of the 600 acres of land on which the mill was situated, and later received the deed for at least 400 acres of it where he lived until his death.

9/24/1803 Chillicothe, Ross Co, OH. Apparently the mill was used for more than grinding grain as an article in the local newspaper reported the court of inquiry met there to examine charges against 2 officers for their conduct during an Indian alarm.

10/29/1804 Ross Co, OH. He entered S21 T9 R21, claiming 599 acres.

10/30/1806 The newspaper again carried an item which stated "Christian VanGundy, at Kinickinic, wants to erect a mill dam at his house," probably to provide a constant source of power.

The mill was later sold to son-in-law, John Wolf, about 1815, possibly as part of Christian's estate settlement.

1809 Fairfield Co, OH. Said to be the county's first settler, he erected a small log cabin with a blanket for a door, in the south part of Liberty on Walnut Creek. (This entry may belong to another Christian since this was the only item in this county for this name.)

10/18/1809 Chillicothe. Christian received a patent for land which was a portion of Worthington's Survey.

9/6/1810 Ross Co, OH. Christian and his wife sold 2 parcels of land, one containing 113 acres, the other 10 acres, for $369 to son-in-law, George May. The same date, they sold another 120 acres to the children of Isaac Gunner (Conner), also for $369. This was land
patented to Christian on 10/18/1809. The deed was witnessed by brothers, David VanGundy and Jacob VanGundy, signed in Dutch.

Apparently on this same date, he also deeded land to son, Jacob, reserving the right to use the mill race during his lifetime, that privilege being revoked when the heirs sold the property in 1823.

1816/17/18 Green Twp, Ross Co, OH. Although Christian had died, his property was not sold for several years so his name continued to appear on property tax rolls. Also taxed in the same township were David, Jacob, Peter, and Samuel.

5/8/1823 Ross Co, OH. Christian's heirs, that is, all the children except Christian, Jr, and their spouses, sold his land to Jeremiah and John Crouse, Jr, for $4000. The deed was recorded on 10/7/1823.

The land was described as: "being part of section number twenty one in Township number nine and range number Twenty one (Worthingtons survey) Beginning at the South west corner of the above described section Thence East seventy nine poles to a Post corner of Jacob Vangundy's land from which a white oak twenty nine inches in diameter
bares North eighteen degrees West Twenty five links distance Thence North two hundred and forty five Poles to a white oak in The lane Thence North eighteen degrees east Twenty one and a half Poles to a black oak Stump from which two white haughs Three inches diameter bares North Twenty eight degrees west Twenty Two link distance Thence
North Thirty degrees West Thirteen poles to a Stump in the Race bank from which a Sycamore six inches in diameter bares North sixty seven degrees West for Three links distance Thence north forty Poles to a Stake in a Prarie thence West seventy seven Poles to the North west corner of said Section Thence South with the setion line to the beginning containing one hundred and forty five acres more of less likewise all The privilege that was reserved for the use of a mill race by Christian Vangundy in his lifetime in a deed granted To his son Jacob Vangundy baring date The sixth day of September one Thousand eight hundred and ten and on record in the Recorders Office of Ross County."

It was signed by all the heirs, the women signed with an "x," while witnessed by John Entrekin as Justice of the Peace and Daniel Vangundy.

His estate case file is dated 1813 .

Ann (VAN GUNDY) was born in 1746 in Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev Henry Matthews. She married Christian Sr VAN GUNDY about 1765 in Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev Henry Matthews.

They had the following children:

  F i Ann Mary VAN GUNDY was born on 3 Feb 1766. She died on 1 May 1856.
  M ii Christian Jr VAN GUNDY was born on 3 Feb 1766. He died on 1 Oct 1836.
  M iii John VAN GUNDY was born in 1767.
  M iv Jacob Sr VAN GUNDY was born on 20 Apr 1770. He died on 29 Oct 1854.
  F v Barbara VAN GUNDY was born on 21 Sep 1773. She died on 23 Sep 1841.
  M vi Samuel Sr VAN GUNDY was born on 1 Jan 1775. He died on 27 Mar 1859.
  F vii (Mary) Ann VAN GUNDY was born on 17 Jul 1777. She died on 20 Oct 1864.
  M viii Henry\George VAN GUNDY.

The only record found naming this person was in connection with his
father's court battle with Mr. Derr in 1789, all others named there
being recognized as sons of Christian.

Peter Jr VAN GUNDY [Parents] was born in 1746 in Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev Henry Matthews. He died after 1812 in Ross Co, OH. He married Susanna Ulrich about 1764.

Data on Peter's family is conflicting, especially in reference to children's names and birth dates. Hopefully someone with verified information will come forward to correct all the misinformation out there.

This Peter was said to be a Revolutionary War soldier and frontier ranger.

Residences & events:

1772 Manheim Twp, York Co, PA, where Peter was taxed for property.

11/27/1777 Penns Twp, Northumberland Co, PA. He acquired land from a William Lyon.

12/8/1778 Buffalo Twp, Northumberland Co, PA. The county deed book records an entry labled as "Peter Van Gundy Deed Poll to John Aurand," an indenture between Peter and John Aurand of Reading PA for 500 pounds (blank) Aurand land situated....

1778-1783 He was among the Rangers of the Frontier in John Forsters' Co with the rank of Private. His name also appeared in the 4th Class of Captian William Laird's Co, 9th Battalion of Lancaster Co Militia in 1782.

1783 Peter was again taxed, having 80 acres and 9 inhabitants in the house.

1800 York Co, PA. He is still in the same county at census time, both he and his wife were over 45 years old and 3 children were still home.

Several of his family moved to Mercer Co, PA between 1800 and 1821.

1805 Ross Co, OH. He received a land grant as recorded in the Chillicothe land office.

The county history mentioned Peter:

"In 1812 Jacob Foy settled on the northwest corner of section 33. His brother Samuel owned land adjoining him. Both sold to Peter VanGundy and went to Wabash, Indiana. VanGundy married a young wife and died soon afterward, leaving his property to his widow."

Another source says she sold the property and returned to her relatives.

Some researchers have his death date as 1790 but that has not been verified.

Susanna Ulrich was born about 1743 in Earl Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. She died before 1812. She married Peter Jr VAN GUNDY about 1764.

His 1st wife.

They had the following children:

  M i John VAN GUNDY was born on 27 Oct 1767. He died on 27 Oct 1860.
  M ii Christian VAN GUNDY was born in 1765. He died in 1807.
  M iii Joseph * Van Gundy was born in 1767. He died on 22 May 1852.
  F iv Female VAN GUNDY was born about 1769.
  M v Samuel VAN GUNDY was born about 1773.
  M vi Peter III VAN GUNDY was born on 26 Jan 1775.


1800 Mercer Co, PA, was his place of residence at census time, the only Gundy in the county.

1810 Mahoning Twp, Mercer Co, PA. Peter is still the only Gundy there.

1820 Same address, still alone.

Christian Hershberger was born in 1745 in Bern, Berks Co, PA. He died after 1815 in Somerset Co, PA. He married Magdalena VAN GUNDY about 1763.

Magdalena VAN GUNDY [Parents] was born in 1748 in Lancaster Co, PA. She died in 1842. She married Christian Hershberger about 1763.

Magdalena and Christian had 10 children, plus 2 which were unnamed.

They had the following children:

  M i John Hershberger was born in 1763 in Berks Co, PA.
  M ii Benjamin Hershberger was born in 1767 in Berks Co, PA. He died in 1861 in Somerset Co, PA.
  F iii Female Hershberger was born about 1768.
  M iv Christian Hershberger was born in 1770 in Berks Co, PA. He died in 1848 in Somerset Co, PA.
  M v Joseph Hershberger was born in 1774 in Somerset Co, PA. He died before 1874 in Cambria Co, PA. He was buried in Johnstown, Cambria, PA.
  M vi Daniel Hershberger was born in 1776 in Berks Co, PA. He died in Somerset Co, PA.
  M vii David Hershberger was born in 1777 in Berks Co, PA. He died on 16 Oct 1861 in Mifflin Co, PA.
  F viii Magdalena Hershberger was born on 22 Oct 1780 in Berks Co, PA. She died on 15 Aug 1862 in Mifflin Co, PA.
  M ix Henry Hershberger was born in 1782 in Berks Co, PA. He died on 2 Sep 1870 in Somerset Co, PA.
  F x Female Hershberger was born about 1784 in Berks Co, PA.
  M xi Peter Hershberger was born in 1785 in Berks Co, PA. He died on 29 Jan 1865 in Mifflin Co, PA.
  F xii Elizabeth Hershberger was born on 23 Jun 1788 in Berks Co, PA. She died in Lawrence Co, PA.
  M xiii Abraham Hershberger was born in 1790 in Berks Co, PA. He died in Aug 1821 in Somerset Co, PA.

Joseph * VAN GUNDY [Parents] was born in 1750 in Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev Henry Matthews. He died in 1823 in Conotton, Harrison Co, OH. He was buried in Methodist Burying Ground, Conotton, OH. He married Fronica "Fanny" Kaufman in 1776 in Berks Co, PA, probably.

This Joseph and 2 others, also denoted by * in their names, have been thoroughly researched by the PA genealogy society. A great grandson, Rev Michael V Van Gundy, stated that Joseph was the son of Peter of Lancaster Co, PA, both in a biography and in a letter some 15 years later, 4/16/1904, to Franklin P Van Gundy, Convoy, OH.

Some say this was probably the Joseph listed in Capt Reagel's Co of Berks County Militia in 1780-1781. His commanding officer dropped the "Van" from name and Joseph did likewise, establishing the Gundy branch. However, for purposes of identification in this book, the name will stay Van Gundy.

He was a cooper, later a Mennonite minister (interesting, since they do not fight in wars) and finally a minister for the United Brethern church. He and son-in-law, Peter Forney were mentioned, as being ordained, in the history of the Meyers Mill congregation, a small congregation with partly Amish background, both eventually joining the United Brethren.

Residences & events in his life:

Brothers Valley, Bedford Co, PA. Joseph may have been the leader of the Mennonites who settled in the Valley, at the very least, he was an important member of that community.

1777 He was listed as a 3rd Lt in Captain Weiser's Co of Northumberland Co Militia.

11/11/1777 Lebanon, PA. He swore that he was not a symphazier with King George's cause, according to the Rev War Oaths of Allegiance.

1783 He was assessed for 100 acres, 2 horses and 2 cows.

1784 Elk Lick, Brothers Valley Twp, Somerset Co, PA. He probably never moved, rather the county lines shifted, making him a resident of the new county. At tax time his property consisted of 1 house with 6 whites in the household.

1790 In the census his name was Josiph Gunty with 1 male over 16 (himself) and 6 females (probably his wife and their first 5 daughters).

6/25/1793 & 1/13/1801 were the dates he took out warrants for 265 acres of land. The survey was dated 6/25/1819 and the Deputy Surveyor General, John Wells, entered a note that the first improvement on the land was made in April 1784, and the family had lived there since that date.

Joseph was mentioned many times in the journal of a United Brethren minister, Christian Newcomer. It may have been Newcomer's influence which eventually caused Joseph to leave the Mennonites for the United Brethren.

10/27/1798 - "I stayed this night with a Mennonite preacher named Gundy; our souls immediately flowed together in Love."

1800 Somerset Co, PA. He and brother, David, were the only Gundys in the county. Joseph then had one male above 45 (himself), 2 males under 10, 2 females under 10, 4 females 16-26, and 1 female over 45 (wife).

(Westmoreland, PA) There is no evidence Joseph ever actually lived there although some descendants claim he did briefly.

10/10/1801 Chillicothe, Ross Co, OH. Apparently Joseph had made a trip to OH but returned home before his mail could catch up with him as on this date the newspaper carried a listing of letters left at the local post office, Joseph's name among them.

11/17/1803 Somerset Co, PA. Newcomer again visited with Joseph: "This morning we set out very early. Rode 36 miles over very mountainous country, arrived at night at Joseph Gundy's." Newcomer preached there on Sunday, 11/27/1803, to a gathering, "followed by Brother Crum and then Gundy, a Mennonite preacher."

1804 Joseph withdrew his membership from the Elk Lick Mennonite church and became a minister for the United Brethren Church. Services were held in the cabins of the settlers.

1804 & 1807 Ross Co, OH. Joseph received two land grants as recorded at the Chillicoth land office.

1805 Harrison Co, OH. Supposedly, Joseph and his a 10 year old daughter came to the location of Conotton, built a cabin, cleared the land and returned to PA in the fall.

4/28/1806 Harrison Co, OH. Joseph entered the NE 1/4 of Sect 14, Twp 13, Rg 6 giving his current residence as Somerset, PA. It is unlikely he would have given that address if he actually lived in Westmoreland Co. This land was patented to him on 1/10/1812. He bought two quarter sections of land, plus another small parcel on the NW end of the ridge that came to be called "Gundy Ridge" His farm was just at the eastern edge of the present village of Conotton.

An entry in Rev Newcomer's on 3/9/1807 states: "traveling west from Frankford, leaving Joseph Crisup's, I again pursued my journey; rode all day across a very mountainous part of the country; stopped at a public house to get refreshment for myself and beast. After we had recruited our strength, I set off with the intention of reaching Joseph Gundy's. When I arrived at the place where he formerly lived, I found he had removed to the western county, but found his son-in-law lived at the place. Both young people rejoiced to see me and entertained me with the greatest pleasure."

A note in the PA Vital Records of Lancaster Co recorded Newcomer's death 7 yrs later: "Died on Tuesday morning last, (8 February 1814), Mr. Christian newcomer, of Manor township near Columbia, in his 42d year of his age, he left a wife and 9 children."

Some listing have his birth date as 1742. However the date posted corresponds with the information in his father's estate settlement that he was under 14 in 1763 and by 5/8/1772 he was over 21.

Other family listing have Joseph's death date as 1795 but his will was dated 6/28/1820 and proved 3/18/1823. It named all the children but Fanny.

Fronica "Fanny" Kaufman died in Harrison Co, OH. She was buried in Methodist Burying Ground, Conotton, OH. She married Joseph * VAN GUNDY in 1776 in Berks Co, PA, probably.

Her name was verified by a deed on 4/19/1800: "Release, Barbara Kaufman, widow of Stephen Kaufman, late of Berne Township, deceased, John Kaufman, Joseph Gundy and Fronica, his wife, late Fronica Kaufman, to Jacob Faust."

The names Fronica and Veronica were used interchangeably by German speaking people. The name evolved into Frances and Fanny in anglicized form.

They had the following children:

  F i Rebecca VAN GUNDY was born in 1778.
  F ii Christina VAN GUNDY was born in 1780/1781.
  F iii Mary VAN GUNDY was born in 1782/1783.
  F iv Regina VAN GUNDY was born in 1784/1785.
  F v Magdalena VAN GUNDY was born on 15 Jun 1786. She died on 26 Jan 1877.
  F vi Framia\Fanny Van Gundy was born in 1788/1789.
  M vii Benjamin VAN GUNDY was born in 1790. He died on 16 Apr 1867.
  F viii Fanny VAN GUNDY was born in 1795. She died in childhood.
  M ix Joseph Jr VAN GUNDY was born on 10 Jul 1799.

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