Van Gundy Family Tree

Joseph Jr VAN GUNDY [Parents] was born on 10 Jul 1799. He married Mary Smith in 1825 in Tuscarawas Co, OH.

Mary Smith.Mary married Joseph Jr VAN GUNDY in 1825 in Tuscarawas Co, OH.

They had the following children:

  M i John VAN GUNDY was born in 1827. He died before 31 Jan 1870.
  M ii Benjamin VAN GUNDY was born in 1828.
  M iii Henry VAN GUNDY was born in 1830.
  F iv Catherine VAN GUNDY was born in 1832.
  F v Mary VAN GUNDY was born in 1838.
  F vi Susan VAN GUNDY was born in 1849.

Francis PLACE was born in 1615 in Durham, Oxfordshire, England. He died in 1655 in Nansemum, Lancaster, England. He was buried in St Olav's, Yorkshire, England. He married Ann Williamson.

The Place or Plaice family, was said to originate in Durham, but the "visitation of Oxfordshire, 1563-64," also lists some generations of a family in which the given names of Francis and Rowland occur.

A note on son, Rowland, said he "was the son of Francie Place, the celebrated painter of York, and Ann Williamson."

Ann Williamson.Ann married Francis PLACE.

Other marriages:
Dooling\Dulin, Robert

They had the following children:

  M i Esq Rowland PLACE was born in 1643. He died in 1713.
  F ii Mary PLACE was born in 1648. She died about 15 Dec 1710.
  F iii Margaret PLACE was born in 1651 in Lancaster Co, VA.

Ambrose POWELL [Parents] was born on 18 Jan 1761 in Culpeper Co, VA. He died on 4 Sep 1832/1833. He was buried in Estill Co, KY. He married Sally BRITT on 8 Sep 1783 in St Thomas Parish, Orange Co, VA. Ambrose resided in Orange Co, VA.

Residences & events in Ambrose' life:

1783 Orange Co, VA, where Ambrose and Sally married.

1787 Fayette Co, KY

1/11/1790 Fayette Co, KY. Ambrose, his father, and a William Powell
were all taxed in this county.

Pension application indicates Ambrose went to KY about 1785 but as shown in other pension records below, they were not reliable with places and dates. His father brought the rest of the family about 1788-1789, perhaps following the large family of Bushes who arrived 1780-1783.

1800 Clark Co, KY. The tax list again shows Ambrose along with his father and brothers, Simon and Thomas, Jr.

1809 Estill Co, KY. Ambrose was the only Powell taxed in the county.

1810 Estill Co, KY. In the census he and his wife were both over 45 and had living with them 2 males 10-16 and 2 females under 10. Living in the same county were brother, Simon, and 3 brothers-in-law, Cornelius Newkirk, Micajah Hall, and Samuel Eaton.

1817 He paid taxes in Estill Co but was on the move for the next few years. He was taxed in Bourbon Co in 1818, back in Clark Co in 1819 and then returned to Estill in 1822 where he remained until he died.

From Pension records:

Pg 22: "On the 20th of August 1832 Ambrose Powell, aged 71 years appeared in Estill Co, KY. County Court and made oath. In the latter part of 1780, his father, Thomas Powell, was drafted in the militia from Orange Co, VA. Ambrose went as a substitute for his father for about 2 mo. Soon after reaching home, he was drafted on his own account & was out about 2 months again. He immediately went on tour for Reuben Clark of Culpepper Co, VA. He has been in Estill County, KY. for 30 or 40 years.

Pg 23: On 20 Nov 1832, Ambrose appeared in Estill Co court, aged 74 years. He was drafted into service in 1780 in Louisa Co, VA, and served 6 mo. In 1781 he volunteered as a substitute for Thomas Payne. He went from Louisa Co, VA. He was born in Louisa Co, VA, in 1758.

In Dec 1832 he made a supplement and said he was born in Culpepper Co, VA, January 18, 1761. He was living in Orange Co, VA, when he went into service. After the war he moved to Albermarle Co, VA, where he lived about 1 1/2 years before moving to Estill Co, KY.

(Much more in the record.)

A letter in the pension file from Marium Barton of Louisville, KY, 10/26/1906, says John B is her father, Ambrose her gr father. She married #1 Hiram Bellis & #2 ______ Barton. In the 1850 census she is called Mary Bellis. Marium's youngest sister named her 1st daughter, Marium, & it is spelled that way on a grave marker in southern Illinois.

He may have died in 1844 according to one source.

Sally BRITT.Sally married Ambrose POWELL on 8 Sep 1783 in St Thomas Parish, Orange Co, VA.

Sally was the daughter of Mary Britt, both of St Thomas Parish.

They had the following children:

  F i Female POWELL.
  M ii John B POWELL was born about 1792.

John served in the War of 1812 according to daughter, Mariane.

He was a blacksmith.
  M iii Jesse POWELL was born in 1794. He died in 1879.
  F iv Martha "Patsy" POWELL was born about 1805.

Micajah HALL.Micajah married Milly POWELL on 4 Aug 1806 in Clark Co, KY.

Residencs & events:

1810 Estill Co, KY. In the census he is living next door to Samuel
Eaton, his brother-in-law, and 2 doors down was Cornelius Newkirk,
another brother-in-law. Living in his house were: 1 male under 10, 1
male 26-45 (himself) 1 female under 10, 1 female 26-45 (Milly), and 1
female over 45 (possibly his mother-in-law, Jane Powell).

Milly POWELL [Parents] was born about 1784. She married Micajah HALL on 4 Aug 1806 in Clark Co, KY.

Calculating from the 1810 census when she was 26-45 and her marriage in 1806 gives her this approximate birth date.

James Ray.James married Jane NEWKIRK.

Jane NEWKIRK [Parents] was born on 13 Mar 1814 in KY. She married James Ray.

They had the following children:

  M i James Harvey Ray.

Christopher Cornelius NEWKIRK was born before 1775. He died in 1820/1830. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" POWELL on 19 May 1794 in Clark Co, KY.

Residences and events:

1795 Harrison Co, KY, other Newkirks lived in Jefferson and
Montgomery Co. Elizabeth's family lived in Clark Co.

1810 Estill Co, KY. At census time his family consisted of 4 males
under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45 (himself), 2
females under 10, 3 females 10-16, and 1 female 26-45 (Elizabeth).
Two doors down lived brother-in-law Micajah Hall and 1 house further
held brother-in-law, Samuel Eaton. Elizabeth's brothers, Simon and
Ambrose Powell also lived in the same county

The Newkirks apparently left the state about the same time as the
Powells (1814). They probably went through Jefferson Co, KY, where
relatives may have joined the journey as the same names are seen in IN
as were in KY.

1820 Crawford Co, IN.

1830 Lawrence Co, IN. Cornelius apparently died, Betsey was living
with Benjamin and Richard, John was next door.

Cornelius was not listed in the 1830 census and Betsey was living with
Benjamin & Richard next door to John.

Elizabeth "Betsy" POWELL [Parents] was born before 1775 in Orange Co, VA. She died after 1830. She married Christopher Cornelius NEWKIRK on 19 May 1794 in Clark Co, KY.

In the 1830 census, she was living with Richard and Benjamin Newkirk in Lawrence Co, IN, next door was John.

Betsey was 26-45 in 1810 and over 45 in the 1820 census.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy NEWKIRK was born on 11 Jan 1794.
  F ii Mary NEWKIRK was born on 31 Dec 1797. She died on 15 Apr 1876.
  M iii Barnet NEWKIRK was born in Aug 1799. He died on 1 Sep 1870.
  F iv Malinda NEWKIRK.
  M v Thomas Newkirk was born in 1802. He died in 1849.
  F vi Margaret NEWKIRK.
  F vii Elizabeth NEWKIRK was born on 16 Mar 1805. She died on 29 Oct 1856.
  F viii Jane NEWKIRK was born on 13 Mar 1814.

Thomas Payne Jr POWELL [Parents] was born on 6 Aug 1779. He married Hannah PIKE on 2 Jan 1807 in Clark Co, KY.

Thomas, Jr, seemed to have been in trouble a lot and his name appeared often in connection with his brother-in-law, Cornelius Newkirk.


1800 Clark Co, KY. Thomas was listed on the tax rolls along with his father and brothers, Ambrose and Simon.

11/30/1841 Montgomery Co, KY, was his residence when he made affidavit for his widowed mother-in-law as she applied for a widow's pension. He tore a page from the family Bible to prove birth dates for himself and his wife.

Hannah PIKE was born on 2 Sep 1782. She married Thomas Payne Jr POWELL on 2 Jan 1807 in Clark Co, KY.

They had the following children:

  U i Demascust POWELL was born on 8 May 1806.

There may be a birth date discrepancy since his parents married the
year after he was born, or perhaps he was a product of a previous
marriage, considering the ages of his parents at the time of their
  M ii Talton POWELL was born on 25 Apr 1808.
  F iii Anna POWELL was born on 2 Apr 1810. She died on 21 Nov 1881.
  U iv R(idage) R POWELL was born on 4 Apr 1812.
  M v Honnor Powell was born on 9 Apr 1814.

Honnor was not listed in the Thomas Powell family Bible records so he may not belong to this family as some relatives have placed him.

James POWELL [Parents].James married Fanny TOWNSEND on 19 Dec 1806 in Clark Co, KY.

James probably moved to IN with his brother Simon's family in 1814 where he was listed in the 1820 census along with Simon's wife, Jane.

Fanny TOWNSEND.Fanny married James POWELL on 19 Dec 1806 in Clark Co, KY.

Place POWELL [Parents] was born about 1667 in Essex Co, VA. He died before 1715 in Essex Co, VA. He married Mary (POWELL) before 1705 in Essex Co, VA, St Anne Parish.

It seems that Place was some kind of rogue. He was party to a scheme to cheat his own brother, Honorias, out of land (see notes on Honorias) and later he disappeared without a trace. No descendants have been found for him, otherwise brother, Honorias, could not have been his heir.

Residences & events:

1704 Essex Co, VA. He and brothers, Honor and Thomas, were listed on the Quit Rent Rolls, each having 72 acres.

8/10/1705 Essex Co, VA. Place put the following on record at the court house:

"Know all men that I Place Powell of Essex Co and Parish of St Anne's do for several threatenings of Mary Powell my wife that she will make away with what I have a-purpose for to ruine me, I do, therefore, forwarne all manner of persons from having any manner of dealing with her and from taking anything of her or entertaining her without my consent." Place signed with an "X". A footnote says she may have been a "she-devil", probably as a result of loneliness.

1/11/1710 St Ann's Parish was still his residence when he leased 300 acres to Augustine Smith for 99 years, the land was in St Maries, Richmond Co. "whereon George and William Proctor now liveth in the freshes of Rappahannock River in the forks of Lamb's Creek, being the land granted unto Francis Place by patent Sept. 1654, relation being had to the records, and now doth of right belong to the said Place Powell, partly to these presents." Witnesses were: John Golding, Cassandra Golding and John Wood. It was not recorded until 1/13/1714, after the next event.

6/3/1713 The previous entry concerned land that Place's parents had sold some 40 years prior and the question arose about the validity of the contract. The matter went to court and the jury's verdict was:

"Francis Place took up the land in question, 300 acres in Sept. 1654; on Aug 11, 1655, he made a deed in tail to his daughter, Mary, and she was thereafter in possession of the land. Mary married Thos. Powell and said Place is their eldest son. Mary died about 3 years ago the middle of December last. On Sept. 30, 1666, Thomas and Mary deed the land to James Coghill, who, on Oct 11, 1667 deeded it to William Wilton. He took out a new patent for the land on Oct. 3, 1671. 'Wee do not find any patent of the sd land granted to the sd ffrancis Place before that dated in 1654 before cited. Wee find that the sd ffrancis Place was dead long before the date of Wilton's patent. Wee find the said Mary Powell lived a widow' nine or ten years before she died."

There was one final entry concerning Place and this same 300 acres:

9/7/1750 King George Co. "Honorias Powell, of St. Mary's Parish, Caroline Co, as brother and heir apparent to Place Powell, who has removed himself to some remote place out of Virginia, conveys to John Champe, Gent, the land patented Sept, 1654, by Francis Place and leased Nov. 11, 1710 by said Place Powell to Augustine Smith, Gent, which lease is of record in Essex Co."

It appears that Place left Essex Co but no one knew his whereabouts and so assumed him dead (in 1715) with his property passing to brother, Honorias.

John Golding gave bond as administrator of Place's estate but apparently there was a problem because in July 1716, Augustine Smith posted 50 pounds bond to administer the estate, "he dying without a will." Inventory and appraisment of Place's estate was recorded in 1717.

Mary (POWELL).Mary married Place POWELL before 1705 in Essex Co, VA, St Anne Parish.

Thomas Jr POWELL [Parents] was born in 1675/1680 in Essex Co, VA. He died about 1739 in Caroline Co, VA. He married Mary GIBSON in 1723 in VA.

Residences & events:

1704 Thomas was listed in the Essex Co Quit Rent Roll. He and his three brothers owned equal acreage of land.

5/1712 Essex Co, VA, St Mary's Parish. He and brother, John, bought 316 acres from Richard Long.

3/18/1722 With his wife, Mary, he conveyed to John Jeter one parcel of a tract of land granted to Richard West and Roger Clothworthy and by Roger conveyed to Nicholas Catlett and by him sold to Wm Gibson. John Jeter kept the property only a few years and his deed of sale says that Wm Gibson devised the land to his daughter, Elizabeth Gibson, who was the mother of Mary Powell, the wife of Thomas.

1728 Caroline Co, VA. The boundaries shifted, causing him to live in a new county.

1/15/1748 The vicinity of their home was located by the following item: "John Glanton is appointed overseer of the road from the post above Mary Powell's to the Mount Church." Mount Church was probably on the Mount Creek which crosses the upper end of Essex Co and empties into the Rappahannock River a few miles north of Tappahannock. The home of one branch of the Taliaferro family was nearby and called "The Mount."

His will was dated 6/8/1739 naming his wife, Mary as executrix. It was proved by oaths of Samuel Coleman and Thomas Samuel. Wm. Harrison, Nicholas Ware, Gabriel Long and Robert Taliaferro or any three of them were appointed as appraisers.

All above named people were formerly in Essex Co, VA. and were associated with Powells there. Anthony Samuel posted security for the executors of Thomas Powell in 1701 (Thomas' father) and the Wares and Taliaferros were friends of the next generation of Powells in Amherst Co.

Mary GIBSON died about 1754 in Caroline Co, VA. She married Thomas Jr POWELL in 1723 in VA.

Court records of Essex Co, VA, state Mary was married to a John Powell
before 3/25/1725.

Mary's will was offered for probate by Edward Ware and Millicent
Powell as executors. It was proved by John Regan who swore that he
saw Catherine Regan and Mourning Barksdale witness the will.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard POWELL.


1728 Amherst, VA

1730 Goochland Co, VA

1744 Albamarle Co, VA

1744 Amherst, VA, was his residence when he wrote his will.
  M ii James POWELL.
  M iii William POWELL.
  M iv John POWELL.
  M v Edward POWELL.
  F vi Elizabeth POWELL.
  F vii Sarah POWELL.

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