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Male NEWCOMB.Male married Elvira CORLEY.

Elvira CORLEY [Parents] was born in 1851 in IL. She died in 1915. She married Male NEWCOMB.

She attended the 1911 Powell family reunion at Sullivan, IL.

Ira CARSON was born in 1880. He died in 1957. He married Myrtle May "Myrtie" POWELL on 1 May 1906 in Moultrie Co, IL, at the bride's home Rev WH Lee, JP.

Residences & events:

1912 Moultrie Co, IL.

1917 Bruce, Moultrie Co, IL. He was a tenant farmer for his father-in-law, Nelson Powell.

1929 He attended the Powell family reunion at Sullivan, IL, the first time his name was recorded in the roster.

Myrtle May "Myrtie" POWELL [Parents] was born on 5 May 1879 in Moultrie Co, IL. She died after 1921. She was buried in Greenhill Cem, Sullivan, Moultrie Co, IL. She married Ira CARSON on 1 May 1906 in Moultrie Co, IL, at the bride's home Rev WH Lee, JP.

She attended the 1921 Powell family reunion at Sullivan, IL.

As of 1995, no death date has been added to her stone.

They had the following children:

  F i L Bernice CARSON.
  M ii Carroll D CARSON.
  F iii Mollie Lovetia CARSON.

John Powell was born about 1555 in Wales/England. He married Hester (Powell).

The Powell family of Virginia, of which we are descendants, originally came from the County of Brecknock or Brecon in Wales. "The name of Powell was ap Howell until the time of William ap Howell, of Bevalt, 1550 A.D. who was called William Powell."

The first record most researchers have is of William Powel (born ap Howel) of Castle Madoc, Brecon, who moved to Suffolk in England and took over a manor which he named Howellton. His descendant of the same name was among the Jamestown settlers in 1607. The line of ap Howels in Breconshire mostly descend from Hywel Dda (Howel the Good), king of Wales in the 900s, who lived on a fortified hilltop outside the present town of Crickhowell.

Powell Paths contains the following record:

"The beautiful manor house that you see in this picture is 'Nant Eos' situated in Wales, near Aberystwyth.

Nant Eos means 'spring or brook of the Nightingale.' There has been a house on this site for centuries, the present one was begun in 1739. Parts of the house are much older than the Georgeian period, the cellars dating back to the 11th century. In the time of the Civil War of Charles I, Averina Jones, daughter of Col. John Jones, living at Nant Eos, married a LeBrun, their daughter in turn married a Powell, so came the Powells to Nant Eos. In the early days the estate covered some 30, 000 acres, over the years some went to pay debts. The Powells certainly enjoyed life to the full and lived up to their position.

Through a series of misfortunes, the house went out of Powell hands in 1957 and the new owner sold 1/3 of the contents. When the owner moved, the house, complete with furniture and paintings, was closed. In 1967 it was sold to a 'scrap man.' The house was in sad condition. Mrs. Edwina Powell Colgate heard of the situation and after a hard stuggle, managed to save the house in April 1983, working with the proverbial 'shoe string.' She is also struggling to save the Powell paintings and fixtures from the scrap man.

There is a legend that during (the period of) Henry VIII, when the monks were turned out of their monasteries, that the Glastonbury monks sought refuge at Nant Eos, carrying with them a Cup of the Last Supper. It has not been seen since the house was sold in 1967.

The Powells of Nant Eos, County Cardigan, Wales, are descended from Philip ap Howell. Three Powell brothers of Nant Eos left Wales in 1606 with Capt. John Smith."

To date it has not been fully documented whether our original American Powell ancestor was Nathaniel or Thomas. There are currently proponents of each who are working to solve the puzzle. According to Smith's "History of Virginia" the first appearance of the Powell name there was when Captain William Powell sailed with Captain John Smith from Blackwell (England), December 19, 1606, and entered Chesapeake Bay, April 20, 1607. William was administrator of Gov Nathaniel Powell's estate.

Among the most famous descendants of the Virginia line of Powells, besides Nathaniel, the first governor of VA, is Katherine Hepburn, the movie actress. In her autobiography she states that her grandmother was a member of the very distinguished Powell family who were "quite impoverished by the Civil War" as were most other plantation owners of the South.

Residences & events in the life of this John:

He was a brewer.

St Olave's Parish, England, where he owned a tenant house.

The family listed below is by no means accurate, consisting merely of the names of various men who according to family traditions and other stories came to America early in the history of the country and are said to be one of ours. Absolute proof is yet to be determined. So far the only constant seems to be that 3 brothers came to America and Thomas was one of them.

Hester (Powell).Hester married John Powell.

They had the following children:

  M i Capt Nathaniel Powell Esq died in 1622.
  M ii Capt William Powell was born about 1580. He died in 1623.
  M iii John POWELL was born in 1595.
  M iv James Powell.
  M v Thomas Powell was born about 1600. He died on 9 Feb 1686/1687.
  M vi Andrew H POWELL was born about 1602.

One family tradition is that 3 brothers, Andrew, Thomas and James, came to America shortly before the Revolutionary War. However, this has never been verified.

He supposedly settled Powell Valley, KY, but here again is a discrepancy. The name of the valley was officially credited to Ambrose, not Andrew. However, this does not mean Andrew did not settle there.
  M vii Robert Powell.

Another family story is that Robert came to America with his brothers, Thomas and John.

Chris RAY.Chris married Carrie E WRIGHT.

Carrie E WRIGHT [Parents].Carrie married Chris RAY.

William K WHITFIELD.William married Addie O WRIGHT.

Addie O WRIGHT [Parents].Addie married William K WHITFIELD.

Walter P WRIGHT [Parents].Walter married Myrtle LINDER.

Walter was among the pallbearers for grandmother Powell.

Myrtle LINDER.Myrtle married Walter P WRIGHT.

James A WRIGHT [Parents] died after 1932. He married Mattie Henry.

He served as pallbearer for his Grandmother Powell and posted
securities for the estate of aunt Wealthy Ann Powell.

Mattie Henry.Mattie married James A WRIGHT.

T H FINLEY.T married Minnie May WRIGHT.

Minnie May WRIGHT [Parents] died after 1923. She married T H FINLEY.

She and son, Roy, attended the 1923 Powell family reunion at Sullivan, IL.

They had the following children:

  M i Roy Emmerson FINLEY was born before 1923.

Edward E WRIGHT [Parents].Edward married Genevieve HINSMAN.

Genevieve HINSMAN.Genevieve married Edward E WRIGHT.

Homer W WRIGHT [Parents].Homer married Blanche GRIGSBY.

Other marriages:
Roemand, Grace

Homer was a pallbearer for his grandmother Powell.

One of his wives died in 1917 as noted by the Powell family reunion notes. Her first name was not given. Another died 2/1919, again as mentioned in the reunion minutes, again her first name was not given.

The mother of his two daughters is unknown but are listed here for safe keeping.

Blanche GRIGSBY.Blanche married Homer W WRIGHT.

They had the following children:

  F i Agnes WRIGHT.
  F ii Martha WRIGHT.

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